Blue Bolt Butter And Electric Toast

When I was young...not really sure how old exactly, probs about thirteen, I was in the house alone and was hungry, so decided to make toast but there was only one slice of bread left so I knew I had to be very careful with it. Anyway, after I put it in the toaster it poped up but the bread got caught on the metal grid inside and ripped in half when I tried to pull it out. As it was the only bit of bread left I decided for my norishment I needed that other half, so tried to retrieve it with my fingers but naturally I got burnt. So then I grabbed the closest inanimate object, which just happened to be a metal butter knife and shoved in the toaster to fish the other half of my bread and OMG...I got the shock of my effing life.

The was this really loud crack and a blue bolt leap out of the toaster like something from Poltergeist. The shock lasted for a few seconds but it felt much longer. My hand was stuck to the knife and I couldnt let it go and I could literally feel the current vibrating through my hand; It was the worst sensation I have ever experienced. Its like being burnt from the inside but its this static sharp pain. When I was finally able to jerk my hand away, I had a little burn mark on my palm and felt really weird and achey but TBH I wasnt even worried about that, as I was more concerned for the toaster, which was now broken, as I had shorted it or something. I was more scared about telling my parents that I had just broke their new hightech multi slice, self poping, gurateed no burnt toast, toaster, than explaining that I had just been electricuted, which would have maybe worked in my favour if I had milked the sympathy vote. But I didnt tell anyone, not even when my dad asked what happened to the toast, he was well confused, he kept saying "well, I just dont understand it...its shorted...piece of expensive crap....Guranteed 1 year 6 months, we havent even had it a month...bullsh*t, Im taking it back!"

Come to think of it I was a bit of a silly rabbit, everyone knows you dont put metal in a toaster but back then I really did know you could acctually get a shock from shoving a knife in it.

In the end my dad did take it back and we got a new one, probably because he complained so much, (yes he's one of those customers) but even so I never got around to telling my parents that the toaster didnt break down but it was my shoving a metal knife in it that broke it. oops :/

Starstruckk Starstruckk
18-21, F
Feb 20, 2010