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is English and Psychology.  My worst subject is Math.  I was failing.  But our last test (aka, our exam) had this rule that if you passed with a 70 or higher, but your overall grade was lower, then you got to keep whatever grade you earned on the exam as your overall grade.  Naturally, I studied my *** of and got a 77.  Yippie. 

Now, I am lazy.  I am probably the laziest SOB you will ever meet.  In other words, if I'm not interested in the subject or it is too easy for me, I will not do the work.

Hence where I failed English.  I know my English.  It's been my best class for some time.  People come to me when they want their papers to bleed.  I am the one everyone comes to when they don't know how to cite a source or when they need someone to check for grammar errors.  I pride myself on finding misplaced modifiers, errors in subject/verb agreement, parellelism, faulty comparisons, etc.  So, how did I fail English?  Simply put, I didn't do the work.  I'm used to high school.  I can get away with not doing the work and still recieve a "B" at least.  In college, I have learned, you don't get that option.  Anyway, it was ridiculously easy.  I knew everything we were being taught, so I found no need to participate.  *sigh*  This is what I get for being a cocky, lazy person.  Currently, I am retaking the class.  So, instead of going through an unecessary class once, I get to go through it twice. 

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no just went to a college W/ that option

Tulick, that is the best advice I have ever heard. You are amazing.

you should see if your college has the test out option where you can take a test and if you do welll enough you don't have to take the class

That's that action/reaction s*** I can't get used to. I went through something like that once. We just need to study no matter how easy we think it is (amazing discovery!). :P