Hospital Pre-op

I was in early teens and in hospital for minor surgery and had been admitted the day before as was usual practice in the fifties and sixties.
Had the usual preps including pre op enema and shower and had changed into a backless gown with nothing underneath.
Two nurses came to my bedside carrying a kidney dish with a small cloth covering it.I was told it was my injections and would I turn on my side which I did exposing my bottom.I was going to say the curtain wasnt closed properly but was concentrating on the dish and its contents so forgot. They prepped the skin and then I felt the stinging pain in my bottom as the medication was injected. The I was told to turn on my stomach and felt a second prep and another stinging pain in my bottom I was clutching the pillow and biting the pillow to stop crying out with the pain.I noticed the boy in the next bed staring at me and we made eye contact with him looking sympathetic.
They left me laying face down with the sheet over me while I recovered. The boy in the next bed asked if I was ok and was my bottom sore as they all had the same treatment for their operations.I said I was ok and he said well someone as skinny as you it would really hurt which it did.
westy012000 westy012000
Mar 2, 2012