My Buttock Injections

Throughout boyhood and adolescence my greatest fear when going to the doctor was getting a shot in the bottom. It wasn't so much the shot itself I feared as what I deemed the childish way I had to get it - bending over the receptionist's lap with everything pulled down to my ankles. Worse than the actual shot was the humiliation of her watching me get it in the bare bottom. When very young, I was encouraged to think that what I felt was the receptionist pinching me back there. When I had to go for a smallpox vaccination, which had been described as a scratch, I equated a scratch with a pinch and was particularly worried about where I would get it. Getting it on the arm from the doctor made me feel very grown-up, especially with the receptionist watching, but I then had to pull down my pants and bend over her lap for a booster shot. Whilst it didn't hurt as much as my usual penicillin shots back there, I couldn't sit down for days afterwards.

I kept getting injections that way well into adolescence until the time my doctor's beautiful teen-aged daughter was acting receptionist during the school holidays. I desperately craved her respect and was embarrassed for her even to know that I still got injections in the bottom, much less endure the humiliation of bending across her lap with pants down for her actually to see me get one back there. By the time the doctor summoned me, I was so terrified that his rhetorical question "How about a shot?" made me burst into tears, which he made worse by asking in his daughter's presence, "What's wrong? It's just the usual injection in your bottom?"

Not long after that a problem with the oral vaccine meant that we all had to get polio shots. My girlfriend and I were both afraid of where we would get them, deeming shots in the bottom childish but getting them in the arm a rite of passage. She got hers first and in the arm but, as she was a year older than I, I was particularly afraid that the rite of passage age might be between ours with the result that I might still get mine in the bottom and feel particularly childish by comparison. When I went to the doctor, I thought I had nothing to lose by asking for the shot in my arm because the worst he could do was refuse and nobody would know. To my surprise, he agreed with the proviso that my usual shots still had to go in the bottom. He gave me the second and third polio shots in the arm over the ensuing few months, after which I had to go for the fourth one a year or so later. A few months before it was due, I had to get a tetanus booster from his nurse, who used a cubicle just screened off from the waiting room. I wanted it in the arm, especially from a young lady, but I was afraid it might be one of what the doctor had called my "usual" shots. My initial thought that I had nothing to lose by asking for it in the arm as I had the polio shots was negated when a couple of girls entered the waiting room because I feared embarrassment if they hear the nurse refuse my request. My only hope was that the nurse would ask where I wanted it, but she didn't. Fearing the worst, I therefore dropped my trousers, pulled down my pants and bent over before the girls could hear the nurse tell me to do so and "voluntarily" took the shot in my bottom. After that, I actually looked forward to that lovely nurse treating me like an adult by giving me the fourth polio shot in the arm. Even better was the fact that a girl I knew from school was in the waiting room and would at least hear me get it there. To my horror, however, what she heard was the nurse tell me to pull down my pants and bend over; refusing to believe that I had the first three polio shots in the arm because of my recent booster shot behaviour. Contrary to my expectation, having the girl hear the nurse give it to me in the bottom proved quite erotic - especially as she later empathised by telling me about her own buttock injections - and I have taken all shots from attractive nurses back there ever since.
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Dec 13, 2012