Interview Concerning My Education, Or the Lack of .

All during my life, up till my late 20's, I felt stupid.  Because, my family of origin being of severe dysfunction, I only completed the 8th grade.  And that included just  passed on from one grade to the next.

   In my early twenties I became a co-partner with my husband in a new business we started from scratch.  It was the best opportunity I ever had in developing my self-esteem.  I rocked.

  In my late twenties, I became a single parent of four and still had the 8th grade education.  I applied for assistance due to a lack of child support & unemployment.  That was not acceptable, and I became a poor role-model for my children.

   The 1st thing I wanted to do was obtain my GED from the local Adult Education Program.  I became scared to fail and prove to myself and others I was dumb.  I learned an individual required a pretesting exam to know what they need to learn.  I took a deep breath and adventured in to find out just how much of an education I did not have.

   The pretest had five subjects.  I knew off the top I would fail Math and English.  They put me in the hallway with a student desk.  (It sure brought back memories - lol.)  I turned in the exam and waited for the results.  I did not pass math.  And that was all.  OMG, I couldn't believe it.  This had to be a joke.  It wasn't.

    I scheduled the GED exam 1 week later.  I made the decision to do it in three parts.  The first time I would cover 2 subjects, the second visit would be the next two, with the third visit being the last of the five.  The Junior High School was only 1 mile away from home, but getting there was hard.  Only 1/2 way there I freaked and started talking myself into giving up and figure out a different way to move on with my life.  I pulled over knowing this test was exactly what I had to do and took  a deep breath to find the courage I had to keep going.  I was ready to move forward and went into the same school where I finished the eight grade.  I took the pretest and told to go take the exam. I was shocked. 


I took my 1st subject and got through it.  I turned it in and was given the 2nd subject to complete.  It went well and I saw there was time for another so I continued to take the third test.  Then the fourth, jeez!  Unbelievably, there was time for the fifth, but I already knew I would flunk the last being math.  No calculator was  I did my best and turned it in.  Right then and there she completed scoring the results.  She smiled, opened up her desk drawer and pulled out a piece of paper.  She proceeded to fill it out, hand it to me and said "Congratulations, you earned your GED. You only failed in math, but did so well with the others, you more than exceeded the minimal score needed".  OMG.

   A few days later, I received a phone call by a reporter from our local paper.  She asked to interview me on the accomplished diploma.  I was so proud and then hurt by my father asking me not to do this.  He didn't want his church knowing I never had an education.  God forbid it might also hurt his business.  But doing this was not about him, and believing their would be no harm, I did it anyways.

   I also had a friend who was attending college and decided to earned my two year Bachelor Degree in Business and Marketing at a Community College.  With my prior experience, it became easy.  I also have a third year of college at the University in Counseling and Crisis Intervention.  Although a lot of time has passed, I will be continuing my education, hopefully for the rest of my life.  This has become one of the biggest accomplishment I have achieved..


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Thank You Sweetheart! That means a lot to me!!!!!!!

good for you you are a really strong woman and i have alot of faith in you!

I hope it does motivate him to. It made my life better and easier. It's also great for self-worth also.

I'm proud of you! <br />
I need to let my son read this story. He also quit school after 8th grade. He is now 19 and figures he don't know enough to get his GED. He isn't even considering college. <br />
Maybe your story will give him the ambition to believe in himself!<br />