I was at tims house playing with his new game on his computer " when did you get this tim" " last week philip" i like it" " stop playing and why dont we change clothes for a joke" why" i replied " for fun" "ok" i took off my clothes and handed them over to tim " the rest philip" and did " hear philip my clothes" i put tims t-shrit on shorts socks trianners" sit down on my bed thats good" tim left his room.

When his dad came into the room " tim its time" i turned round befor i could say anything he pulled my legs up and i fell back and started to spank me realy hard.

Tim was watching in my clothes " philip you are going to find out what i get" harder the spanking went " aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" i went. then he stop" from now on tim you well be kept in shorts bed early everynight for school everything well change for you and a baby sitter" he left my *** was bright red my **** was hard" " philip was'nt the bad" " my *** he spanked me bloody hard" " your **** is hard you liked it" " a bit tim" " dad spanks me hard all the time" " what does he mean things are going to change".

" i have been bad so i be wearing shorts all round and i be getting a baby sitter" "thats all" " i am 15 so are you philip" " i wear shorts all the time time" " i dont but thats changeing oh i forgot i took a girls frilly panties from a womens line and she told my dad"" oh" "philip i took a girls panties had them on so my clothes well change" " you be wearing girls clothes" " yes philip your **** is hard" " you be wearing shorts boys shorts" " i dont know" tim pushed me onto his bed pined me down" dad thought you were me so philip its looks like you are going to wear girls clothes" "NOOO"

To be countiued
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Sep 25, 2012