Very Arousing

I've been spanked in panties. It's so hot. That was my punishment for being naughty
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2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

and because you were a cheeky wee boy she took her panties off, told you to sniff them and then put them on
she then put you over the knee and gave you a hot bott?

Actually she took a pair from her dresser. They were white with a bit of lace. Silky bikini style. When she spanked me, she had me positioned across the foot board of the bed

Tell us more
why were you naughty?
who spanked you?
i take it the panties were pulled down leaving you with a red hot ***?
Did you play with yourself afterwards?

I asked my wife to many questions about her staying away from home late. She made me put on her panties for being nosy. That's how it started