The Inevitabe Effects Of A Slippering

When I first experienced the slipper at boarding school when I was 11 I soon found two things: firstly that it didn't hurt as much as I'd feared and that I was certainly not as afraid of it as most of my school friends were, and second;y that the warm glow that spread from my bottom after the initial pain had subsided was very arousing, giving me an erection which I dealt with in the usual way!
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So you just dealt with it after? Did you ever leave a gooey mess while being spanked? I did...

That feeling is very well known to me!

I had similar experiences as a girl growing up across my Mums knee. The warm glow and the nice feeling. I was always so interested in spankings and made sure I got some hand spankings across her knee which gave me the same sensual experience not that she ever knew.

Now I am a Mum and you can imagine that with 4 of my own brood the slipper is now in my hand !!!!

Well I have thought about that considering that I was turned on as a youngster with it all. There are two ways and to be honest I am not sure which one I would apply. It would also depend on the openess of the youngster.
I would either ignore it and carry on in the way I spanked before or have if possible a private talk with no barriers and explain that it is alright to enjoy it and if they wanted more then come to me when no one else in in the house and ask and I would help them with whichever style of spanking they wanted.

So until the day arrives I could not be sure which one of those options I would choose.

I can see it might be difficult. I never spanked my daughter (although my wife did) but I have a suspicion that she may have inherited my love of spanking.

Well if one of them did ask me privately then of course I would rather do it for them than run the risk of them seeking someone else to do that for them. It would possibly be an older person they would try to meet up with to carry out that need.
It would mean that I could sill spank and they could still get the same feelings and it would be in a semi punishment setting.
The difficulty is where is the line between punishment and giving a spanking because you know they want it and the question of abuse of position / power etc. It called be called in question because I could have manilpulated the position and wanted my own excuses to spank more.

Do you regeret the fact that you were not able to hand spank your daughter ??

However I hope I would make the right choice if that ever came up.

It was my choice not to spank my daughter and I don't regret that.

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Hi I also got the slipper at prep school from the age of 8 and received my last slippering 3 days before I left to go up to the senior part of the school
Most of my punishments with the slipper were given at night by either matron or the master/mistress on duty for talking and ragging after lights out
I am going to put my first and last taste of the slipper at prep school in a share my story as it could be quite long .

I imagine the Matron was handy with at slipper. On the PJ's or bare ????

Hi All my punishments were over clothing whether it be my pj's at night or my grey shorts or under pants .
No master or mistress were allowed to spank on the bare.
At home it was different but that is another story
Did you ever feel the slipper across you bottom?

The first time I was slippered by my Aunts, I had already discovered spanking made me aroused. But when you are getting a double dose its even more special. Wheter it be the one Aunt spanking, other holding legs, then switch places until both feel enough punishment given, or the one on left, one on right each giving a swat til done.... Its very painful, scary, arousingly orgasmicly WOW!

i was spanked by 2 also when my mom invited her friend, another mom with a kid, and they both spanked the 2 of us, but each one in turn.

i always get aroused before the spanking starts and when it ends. but i lose any arousing or erection during my spank.

My same experience.

My dad used the slipper on me and my brothers up until the age of about 14 always over his knee until we got too tall then over the back of an armchair.
I always used to be keen to watch my brothers being spanked and as I got to puberty and beyond I used to **** off after witnessing them getting spanked. For myself though I would always be erect when pulling down my trousers and pants but the sting of the slipper or hand connecting with my backside would ensure the erection went down quickly and when I rose from over dads knee or the armchair my **** had shrivelled up, however when the throbbing has subsided later my erection would return which obviously was relieved in the best way possible.

Worth getting that slippering then I can imagine.
Those moments in private after that walloping, reliving every whack, must have been heaven (no shrivelled up penis then I think) !!!!!

Hi Margaret Do you ever feel you would like to feel the sting of being spanked again or even be told to bend over and receive the slipper
How would you react if you found one of your boys reliving themselves after you had spanked them
Would you ignore it or talk to the or even punish them future. Happened to me can I send you a private message about the incident thank you

No my penis was not but my backside was sore and striped when matron had finished

I got the worst dose of the slipper ever about three months ago. It hurt so much I don't know how I kept bent over the chair. Even so, I can't wait for the next one - I felt so horny afterwards.

My girlfriend beats me with a leather strop. It takes a while to work up my tolerance. The first few times hurts like hell. I am made to stay in bed and my friend comes in and beats me for two hours straight. She then feeds me my dinner and dessert. I am then ordered to turn over and she proceeds to beat me again. I am then told to accompany her into the bathroom to look at my red inflamed butt. She is usually not satisfied so she beats me again.

I Too get aroused when bare bottom spanked OTK usaly with the back of the oak hairbrush I often *** OTK which sometimes leads to harder disipline ie the cane a few strokes on my bottom crease, as my spanker says i need to learn control when spanked!! which i am but very slowley!! ps typing this standing up at the moment! as just got spanked 10 minutes ago!!!!!

After thar experience, did get aroused before the slippering? When threatened or sentenced?

When threatened or sentenced after the first time I always got aroused

the first time I was given 6 with the slipper at school. It hurt like hell but soon the very hot fire spread and to my shock I got very aroused and had a hard on the rest of the day until I got home

If it didn't hurt what was the point of using the slipper?

Ok point taken