I Got Arrested For Operating While Intoxicated

The beginning of last April (2006), I was arrested for Operating While Intoxicated (OWI).  I was 26 yrs old at the time, now 27. 

I wanted to go out drinking and I had to drive to the bar (10 mins from my home).  I met up with some friends and got pretty messed up on beer and shots.  Almost always, I've had a place to stay or a way back home.  This particular night was intirely different and changed my life.

I got into an argument with my now ex-boyfriend that night due to the fact that I thought I was going home with him for a place to crash after a night of drinking.  He was pretty drunk himself, and he mentioned he promised a "female friend" (which he didn't even like in the first place, note the quotes) that she could sleep on his couch and told me I shouldn't assume that I always get to stay at his place after we go out.  I took offense to this for EVERYTIME we went out I ALWAYS stayed at his place and there was never any problem with it before.  With those facts, I safely assumed that nothing had changed as far as that went.  How WRONG I was!

I proceeded to, without my ex's knowing, find this chick an alternative place to crash or ride home.  Of which I succeeded.  I went to my then boyfriend and told him I found this chick an alternative, and she was happy with the new arrangements.  My ex got ANGRY with me, and this was running on closing time, as in, last call had been in effect for several minutes.  I finished my drink as did my ex, we proceeded to the door and he began yelling.  He told me to **** off, he never wanted to see me again, and a list of other curse words.  I saw RED!  All I wanted to do was to get the hell out of there and away from the situation.

I headed for my car and got in.  Started my car, took the stick shift into my hand, grinding into reverse, backed up VERY FAST, shifted into first gear, peeling out and not before leaving the parking lot, I hit a curb.  I drove for approximately 2 minutes to a gas station, for I knew I had done something to my front tire.  I got out, in the pooring rain, and said, "****, how do I get home?"  No sooner did I say that, I saw red and blue flashes behind me.  My whole world sank and felt as though it washed off me as the rain poured down and off of me.  I knew my night was in the hands of the police.

I went through the field sobriety tests, and the breathalizer test.  I asked to be taken to the hospital so I could get blood drawn instead of what I thought at the time was a good idea.  I was always told those breathalizer's were unrealiable and were wrong.  I was handcuffed, placed under arrest, and taken to the hospital.  I was asked questions, and had my blood drawn.  Weeks later, I found that my BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) was a stagering .262, of which, is 3 times the legal limit.

The officers asked me if there was anyone I could call.  I tried and tried my parents and to know avail.  I ended having the cops call my ex.  He went to move my car to a parking spot cuz my car was parked infront of the air hose pump (my orginal thought of what was wrong with my tire, HA!).  My ex also came, picked me up and took me back to his place.  I was a wreck, and as intoxicated as I was, I couldn't sleep!  I called my parents in the AM and told them the bad news.  But the worst of any of this was all the thoughts of what if rang through my head.  What if I didn't get arrested, my car was perfectly fine and drove home?  I could've killed an innocent person on the way home, killed myself, and other scenario's that played out in my mind.   

I went to my court date to hear part of what I already knew.  I lost my license for 8 months (due to the high BAC), was ordered to pay my fine of $912.10 within 2 months of that exact date of court, and was sentenced to take an Alcohol Assessment Course of which is $200 just to get the paperwork taken care of.  All I thought about was I am ******!  I had no job, no license, and NO MONEY.  Not to mention the guilt of what could've happened if I wasn't caught.

I still to this day have the what if's and the guilty feelings.  That will never go away.  I still drink, but I have changed my tune as far as what will happen if I go out drinking, how I get there, where I am staying or if I have to get a ride home...basically a plan before I go out.  I don't want to put myself or anyone else in that position as I once was.

Well, I still hadn't found a job, so I couldn't pay off the OWI ticket or get the $200 Alcohol Assessment Course going.  At the end of January of 2007, I heard in the background, "there's cops outside", and they were here due to a warrant for my arrest.  My Dad, bless him, paid my bail and saved me from going to jail for a WHILE, lets say.  It wasn't cheap, and I felt sooo horrible to have my Dad bail me out.  My parents aren't loaded and honestly, are scraping by as far as money is concerned.  This to add to all my other guilt.

I later found a few months after I got arrested for the OWI, that my ex tried to stop me, but couldn't cuz I left so fast.  He said he tried running to my car.  I am still friends with him and we settled our differences, including that night.  

I truly wish that this life experience has touched someone, influenced someone, or has made someone think twice about going out to drink and then deciding to drive.  I know that I could tell my story across the nation and perhaps get through to a few people, but that is hopeful thinking.  I'd turn blue from holding my breath.  I know I cannot force ANY ONE PERSON to not drink and drive.  I wish I could.  I personally thanked the officers who arrested me for getting me off the road.  I could've hurt someone, or worse killed someone or myself!  It's funny how you think, "This will NEVER happen to me".  Well, guess what, I said that, and guess what the outcome was.   

Phoenix Phoenix
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I thought the same thing about killing someone, wrecking my car, killing my friend who was in the passenger seat, killing myself! After all of this horror, it literally could have been worse. I accepted it as a HUGE sign from the universe that I had ****** up and needed to reevaluate! I am currently finishing my last semester of university and have a promotion lined up this week, so I know that I am obviously a smart and conscious person. This was just the world's way of reminding me that drunk driving is WRONG and terrifying! I also have no money and my grandparents pay my car insurance, so I'm hoping that my attorney can keep my fines fairly low. (I make 4,000 a year! I can't afford hefty fees!)

I think it's great that you, also, realized how lucky you are to have gotten out of the situation without harming anyone. Life WILL go on!

I give you a lot of credit for realizing your mistakes and your stupidity this is not meant to put you down because most people wouldn't think like you are... I am glad you realize you could have killed someone but don't dwell on it just count your blessings and move on with your life... I will say however that your crazy to still associate with your ex after the way he treated you

WOW! my comment alone is a story in itself! ILL post it over the weekend in this group.

I cant believe your ex did that! he said you cant stay there because she was?! thats ******* bullshit.

Don't beat yourself up about this, Phoenix. You've nothing to feel guilty for except incurring expense and inconvenience to your parents. For some reason it is in our culture to get drunk and behave stupidly sometimes. You didn't actually injure anyone. Your ex-boyfriend though - I can't believe he wanted another girl to go home with him and wouldn't have you in his home at the same time! How could he make his intentions so obvious to you? He sounds really unreasonable. No wonder you were so upset you jumped into your car. These days I prefer to drink at home also. When I go to pubs and bars I just have one drink or soft drinks - it's safer.

Yes, I do agree 100% that alcohol makes you do things you normally wouldn't do. That was definately the the case with my story. I failed to mention that not only did I want to get out of there as quickly as I could, I was also running on a huge adrenaline rush from the anger I accumulated from the argument. I never thought to call my parents or anyone else to come and pick me up. My cognitive thinking skills were severally altered...note the amount of alcohol that was in my blood!<br />
<br />
I mentioned that I still drink, but I am more conscious of the decision making before I drink. I make sure that before I go out knowing full well I am going to drink, that I have a full plan, so I am not behind the wheel at the end of my night out.<br />
<br />
I've gotten very drunk in front of this here PC, and yes, good thing that isn't illegal, or I would've been arrested ALOT! I choose to drink at home more often now, for it's safer, and I can just stagger, if that's the case, off to bed.<br />
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I really wasn't sure that I would get a response to this, but I am glad that I did and thank you, caroli9 for saying what you did. This was a harsh lesson and a harsh reality as well to learn. For that, I have learned from my mistakes and thus making me a stronger person for it. Take care all!

Owh Crap... I hope handling the PC under the influence dosnt count... or id be F###ED <br />
seriously things happen for a reason... yours was a harsh lesson but you are helping others to know the dangers.. Your parents are angels & "If you drink & drive Your a Bloody idiot" ( Aussie ad ) ..... not saying your an idiot.... alcohol makes people do things they would never normally do... like use a computer... like right now