Used to Get Them Quite a Lot.

I used to get bad grades all the time.  Pretty much since about 5th grade on and off.  There were random years where I'd do really well, and then there were the years where I just didn't care.  I know now that the reason was my depression.  I had been undiagnosed until just this past year.  Anyway, as a result of my bad grades, my father would lecture me.  He'd yell at me until I'd start to cry.  Once, at a parent teacher conference, he made me cry in front of all of my teachers, and I felt idiotic. 

It didn't help that my brother and sister were straight A students.  My dad would never praise the 100% I'd randomly get on a test.  He'd ignore basically anything good that I ever did in school, and lecture me constantly when I'd do something bad.  And, of course, he praised my brother and sister all the time.  I felt horrible. 

So, I guess out of spite I continued to get bad grades.  One year, 12th grade, my father just decided to back off.  That year I got A's and B's with the occasional C and was exempt from 3 of my exams.  That was a great accomplishment for me, but did my father care?  No, of course not.  I remember telling him that I got exempt from three classes, and he just asked me why I didn't get exempt from all of them... or something like that.

But now I'm in my first year of college and am determined to get better grades.  =)

Jaggie Jaggie
Aug 31, 2007