Last night my boyfriend told me that a girl that looked exactly like me was in his room, it wasn't me for I was at my house on the other end of town. Apparently the girl was crawling on the ceiling and chasing after him, trying to force him to have sex. He wouldn't let her. He said at some point it had bitten his balls. And after that had happened he had broken it's neck by accident when he had tripped and pushed her into the bathtub. I am extrememly worried about him, since this isn't the only time he has seen things like this. I have not seen these things, but I have seen blood red eyes staring at me when we are together in a dark room. And he has been possessed many times and each time, the demon has spoken to me. Also there has been one account where I was sitting in his lap and he just fell back onto the bed. He was not moving, and barely breathing. When he did move, he said "Help me". I was crying extremely hard, for I thought he was dying. Then the demon came, and as soon as it did, I ran into another room. My boyfriend came in later and hugged me. I knew it was him when I looked into his eyes. He has managed to kill each demon that has ever possessed him. I have woken up covered in claw marks repeatedly within the 4 months we have been together. As I said, I am extremely worried about him and myself. And would appreciate any comments.

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Honestly, that is NOT good! I would love to hear more about things that happened to you. And Id be able to help more if you were to email me with information. if you would like, send me a message on here and i shall give you my email

i was at this job place yesterday, and i was on the computer looking for jobs... i felt this pinch in my arm close to my arm pit.... i ignored till i got home and i took my shirt off and there was a bruise with human like teeth marks around it, they were not sharp or anything..... about 2 years ago we lived in this apartment and my husband just kept getting angry for no reason, and i was told i was possest by the devil cuz my mother in law said my eyes were blood red and i was tearing up a bible, well im christian so i would never do that consciously... what does this mean??!!! please help!!

lastnight my sisters 2 year old was bit by was just my sister,her 3 kids,me and my baby <br />
thay was at my moms.we was just talking to each other and out of the blue her 2 yearold looked at me and she was cry'n ive never seen her cry like that.i looked at her and her hand was blood red<br />
so i got her and i was looking at her hand there was a bite mark on her hand..she said the devil bite her..i dont know whats going on or why anything would bite a baby<br />
<br />
if anyone can help we really need help if anyone know anything about demons <br /> thank u

Ok. First, neither of us is Christian so theres no way were going to a church. Second, I am a Wiccan. And Thirdly, its spelt ouija and I have used one. They do open portals, but you must close the portal when you are done, most people dont do that, i did. Demons are real. He wasn't dreaming. He was awake, and so was I. I know this because the messages were on my phone.

yeah those are demons alright alotta people think its just a bad dreams but demons have attacked me in my dreams when i think im awake but really still sleeping you needa go to a christian church and have a pastor rebuke those demons. people open doors for demons to enter there lives thru drugs witch craft the widgey board psychics music and things like that demons dont come outta no where theres a way we let them come into our lives