I Was Blocked Over A Misunderstanding

In the midst of a chat with someone...I fell asleep! Now I am blocked by them. crying
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5 Responses May 21, 2010

People fall asleep on me all the time. I usually think they're just over-worked, I haven't ever blocked anyone on here.

Its 2012, the last time I remember ever truly appreciating a person unconditionally was back in 2009. But this person, acting maybe rashly, on a misunderstanding, blocked me. I came off Experience Project then and i am just back now really, after all these years. I forgot her name for a little while. When I did, I felt really good, I knew that it was over. But it would be so nice just to say hello and that's it. Ive moved on now. I just thought it was wonderful to actually appreciate another human being that much.

I think most females have been stalked before at least sometime in their life...I have a few times. Twice I had to go through some pretty scary stuff, after I requested some space, as a last resort. <br />
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I really don't understand why someone would force themselves upon someone that wasn't interested.<br />
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I have only ever blocked someone when they were harming/harassing me in an extremely overpowering way and/or causing me an excessive amount of drama in my life.

That sucks. I would only block someone if that person is behaving himself like a stalker ...because I've had a stalker before in real life (not a digital one, I mean not on the internet LOL, but someone who kept on following me)..<br />
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keep your head up high ;-)

I have never been blocked before, feels awkward...totally bummed out that someone would do that.

don't be bummed out by it. Do you need such capricious people to be friends with? No, you really don't