I Got Blocked By A Friend On Facebook After Being Honest On A Their Status

Good thing I saved everything! Cause she also delete my comments!

Tyler: /> 1 hour ago
So I come home after pushing myself all day feeling sicker then a dog and My mom ******* at me THANKS love you too, just not in the ******* mood.
You like this.
That's called growing up. Not every single day you will feel good, you will have days you feel like crap but you have to suck it up sometimes and do what you have to do. Especially in the future when you get a job, you have to suck it up and do your job cause some people won't care Most bosses will ***** at you even when you don't feel good.
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Tyler: Not the point i've been doing everything I've had to and she gives me no credit what so ever and I'm tired of it, I'm an adult to it's called respec t
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She is just trying to push you, she's not against you, she is not trying to make you mad, she's trying to make you get ready for the world. She's a parent. She loves you. When I was younger I never felt good, I had an undiagnosed illness that made me feel awful. And I still have it. But this year I pushed myself to go back to school, every morning I feel like crap, I even get sick but you know what? I still get up and I go to school, and sometimes I go to school to 7am to 8pm. My dad used to yell at me all the time and be so strict on me but since he has seen me improve and pushed myself he has been so proud of me. Now that is called growing up. That is called earning respect. And now I have respect. You have to earn it. Turning 18 doesn't make you an adult, showing that you are trying your best and improving your life is what makes someone an adult. Don't give up. And some day you will say thank you to your mom. And she will respect you.
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After my last comment she deleted my comments and blocked me.
I guess she didn't like the truth?
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well thats is what life sould be....... love it... well like i always say spill it out or drop it in because u a the 1 whose gonner bomd ur self if u keep it inside u....

sounds like some good answers . i've tried telling my own children this kind of stuff and they look at me like i have three eyes . also had trouble explaining some facts to my own brothers older than me and my sister younger . had six years of making almost impossible decisions to keep my mom alive . she had cancer . sorry got carried away . your answers sound good some people just don't want to listen .

Aw I am so sorry about your mother. And I hope your kids are at least giving an effort of trying to grow up

Still not much on listening . They are doing well. Thanks about my mom.
Have a great day !