I have been blocked by some, for doing nothing but trying to have a normal civil conversation. It is so annoying
SpikeM SpikeM
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1 Response Sep 1, 2014

I hate that ****.

me too, sometimes i just wanna yell "wtf is your problem"

I have said **** to people who randomly blocked me on the other account I used to have but just yesterday it was banned for cursing those ******* out.

i only have this account, i've never wanted to go off on em like that. some of em i feel sorry for because they only did it because they have been brainwashed by the mainstream media like jamie lee curtis and her horror stories about how every adult that talks to anyone younger is just a rapist looking for his next target.

My best friend and his family are family friends with her. They said she is once you get to know her.

huh? i can't stand her and think the only thing scary in the original halloween movies was her acting

Don't tell me. Tell her.

haha, sorry

It's okay. I'm not her and I don't personally know her. As I said my beat friend and his family does.

i know

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