I just got blocked my someone I thought I had a deep connection with. if you're reading this im sorry if I offended you.
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ohh sorry to hear that...

Some people just don't know when they have a good person in their life

You have a wonderful sensibility

thank you. haven't seen you in a long time.

Oh, it's a shame you had a deep connection with this person who then decided to block you without warning, but i must say there are many "unstable types" on here, keep the faith & know that you are better than them :-)

People do get offended on here pretty easily.

I never got blocked, not even by people who I KOd. lol

The only ones who have blocked me so far are old people and the people who take the site ├╝ber seriously

ooooooh uber. niiice to see summertime knows what means. I keep using that word and peels look at me like im speaking another language :p I guess old people are pretty easy to make rage quit.

You must be new on this site if you've been KO'ing and not getting blocked. Usually here if you defeat people they immediately just block

well I don't get into altercations easy. usually when some girl starts attacking me. then they delete the threads where I humiliated them.

Good good...


But in all honesty, I've mellowed because It gets annoying emailing for to get unsuspended

how many times have you had to do that?

Like 3 times

dayam. kudos! :p

You've had to? Getting flagged is also annoying.

no I've never gotten flagged. does it notify you or does it just suspend you?

Nope. You try to log in and it says you're suspended.

not yet. I wonder if the app will just shut down. I find it funny what kind of person wold go out if their way to flag someone. just block or ignore them :p

Yep. I've been on the app and it logs you out. When I tried logging back in it said that I have been suspended. Flagging is worse than blocking.. It's how you get people banned. They should just block or ignore

exactly. like if you don't like them just ignore them. it's the internet. freedom of speech and such.

I got flagged on YouTube cause some Russians hacked my account and starred posting adult content. I tried contacting YouTube but theymake it so difficult.

YouTube deleted me because I stated an innocent comment that she took overboard.

And as far as Russians.. Yes. Hacking is an innate ability

hahaha like the Asians with math?!
wow seriously couldn't she just block you. the level of sensitivity is unbelievable. I mean I get butt hurt too but I just ignore them after.

Nope they can't. Put a controversial comment here or any social media site and watch what happens.. They've gotta get a last word at least.. The worst thing is when they insult then block.. I can't even comment

omg that really ****** me off because I can't project my come back. freaking *******, they knew they lost though.

Yep. When that happens.. I know I've won.

K.O. Perfect. lol

Do your best.

you too. ill see you around ;p

You will never see me around

not even stumble?

YOU WILL HA. If this account has lasted this long.. You probably will. Not even in trolling mood. You should do it.

I haven't run into any stupid people so far today. im gonna go hide in the bushes till they show up.

I have. My entire being on this site is because of being bored. I'm also here non stop so it's probably why

so you're bored because your on here or you're in here cause you're bored? O.o

I'm on here because I am bored. I've become addicted though so I wouldn't really say I come because of boredom

Boredom anymore*

its called a life its not expensive :p
yeah im here outta boredom. I've posted the hell outta Netflix

I have no life. I live In a dictator household. I'm a mere child to my daddy and mum. I have no Netflix but I probably should get one

you mean you're a child to them or your nothing but a child to them?

I'm a child to them and I can't do anything really. Tragic. You're an adult though. Far past those parent POWER RULES

I've known adult kids though. some b parents never let go. and control their kids throughout their lives. but you're young so I understand them. Im lucky my parents were never suffocating.

Yeah you're right

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