Its three already. AND I STILL DONT KNOW WHY?????
What did i ever do to you?
If you people happen to read this mark my words, THIS IS NOT OVER, BEWARE!! YOU WILL SEE FLAMES AND YOU'LL KNOW ITS FROM ME.
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4 Responses Apr 18, 2015

you like to play the innocent role


now I know why people block you

They have such a boring life they were afraid of having to admit it ;)
Plus side no time wasters emailing you every other week

I saw last night a woman I don't knew added me,unfriended me again and blocked me,we hadn't spoke a word lol...

I didn't block you

They just do and who knows why

So your a guy?

You have to be careful when speaking to girls.

Oh are you a girl or a guy?

Cause they aren't comfortable with you. They have different feelings for different genders. They want to say I love you but not to a gender they don't know

Well I was asking so I can visualize you

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