Yes I have been blocked by someone I friended and the reason they blocked me floored me . They sent me a message telling me my profile name was stupied and they didnt friend stupied people .
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I had been on EP for around an hour and a guy immediately sent me a message telling me all sorts about his unhappy marriage although he did not want to split up as he had some issues going on, he was looking for an extra marital affair as he was feeling unloved. So I spoke to him in a message, nothing over the top or anything, then he sent me a sort of joke back saying he would rather meet my teenage daughter. Ok, he was in his 40s! HE sent me the message in the first place. Then he blocked me? I did think it a bit strange? Not a good start to EP.

for judging you

that's stupid

This person sounds stupid, to me. Your username is simple and to the point.

Yer I wasnt offended it made me smile just couldnt believe it

I tend to be offended by stupidity. LOL

shaking my head disbelief

Sounds like what Momma used to say: "Stupid is, as stupid does..."
-- Forrest Gump