I got block by Theorker..lol He emailed knowing I'm ts/cd girl. He said, "Hello".. I check his profile and he had females for friends. Ok...so maybe he don't know. I said "Hi and what's up Love?"...he replied. ."I'm not your love?"...and blocks me. Lol
The funny thing, most ladies in the south, older ladies, and people in England use the word "Love" and "Honey" when talking to people normally. Lol What a dumazz person. I feel sorry for who ever talks to that person.
KatrinaBoyer41 KatrinaBoyer41
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You can call me Love any time.

I just had a guy named pixieboy block me because I wouldn't show him a **** pic. amazing the audacity of some of these damn fools on here then.....

The thing is chances of meeting anyone from in person is pretty slim you have to make a real effort to do so.

I have been blocked by guys that saw my profile pics and mistook me for a girl then. once they found out I was a cd poof they were gone and I was blocked.

if you add me I will show you some nice tanned natural girlyboi legs then.

I've never been blocked but I have blocked guys who think I'm a **** (for lack of a better term) I'm not that type of T-gurl and I'm not here for kinky relationships with guys.

Sounds like he saved you the hassle of having to block him later when you would have found out what a real d*ck he was lol

I think that person is missing someone beautiful to talk with their loss.

Youre too sweet, thank you.lol

You got THAT right, xxx. Katrina, we think you're a peach :)

Thank you Josey.lol

Don't look now, but Katrina?: YOU are HOT! (Blushing)

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