After a couple weeks of conversation because He got nosy about a post I wrote about body type.

He's married. I'm not like that.
Go ask your wife her body type.

I just said I don't want to talk about my body type he said okay later. I went to send a message and here I was blocked.

Act like I'm a stuck up b$tch or something.

People **** me off on here. Good thing I just had a work out.

Makes you never want to talk to people on here again when you get treated like you trash just cause you don't want to talk about what they want to hear about.
katariffik katariffik
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4 Responses Feb 17, 2016

sometimes i hate ep because of this.but i bet you have more good people who likes you :)chin up.

I dunno. I talk to maybe one or two people on here once in a while. So not really. Thanks though.

So long as I can hold up my end in a conversation I can talk with anybody.

Well his loss I'm sure you won't lose any sleep over it ( as a matter of fact what body type are you?) hehe

Bugger them