and it was worth it....enjoyed it.
Cocrispy Cocrispy
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lol I got blocked just for not answering fast enough

Oh what happened ?

ehh a difference of opinions lol

Can you tell if you got blocked by someone? I'd like to see who if any has blocked me lol.

You can tell if you try to contact them

lol thanks well i'm not much for stalking so I probably wouldn't find out.

yes lol just click their profile it will say this profile is private due to being blocked ..etc

yeah way too much trouble lol. I don't think anybody has blocked me I would miss =)

Sometimes it just happens without stalking

yeah but I'm quite the stalker..

I'm not surprised to here that you're THE stalker coco.

hear*.. this website couldn't even be bothered to implement an edit button? It deserves to be shut down.

haha yeah

haha exactly how I feel :)

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