Only Once.....

I have been a registered voter for decades, but have only been called for jury duty one time.  It was four years ago, the week before I started my present job.  I had been a full time housewife and mother for fifteen years, not out in the public. I knew that the area I lived in was mostly conservative , but had no idea just how much people let that fact color their judgement.

The case was about a weapon seizure.  The police has entered a property they had been watching, though no one was at the house.  Inside , they had found multiple weapons.  The property was legally uninhabited, but they had found some papers with the defendant's name on them.  There was no lease or deed, no utility bills, no other sign of his inhabiting the premisis.  I was an alternate..I listened to the same "proof" the other jurors did.  I thought that there was an extreme lack of proof.  The jury found him guilty in less than 15 minutes.  I could not believe it.  I would so have held that jury up, had I been in on the actual diliberations.  It was then that I realized just how judgemental most of the people around here are.

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Our task was not to infer whether he was innocent, but whether the state proved it's case.....two different propositions altogether....

i am not registered to vote,but i have been on jury duty several times the first time was for a murder charge,i got released because i opened my during the jury questions, and was asked if i could be unbiased,i replyed no i cannot because the news had leaked to the public and i had read the news ,and had already drawn my conclusion for the verdict of the accused, he was quilty as charged,i found out later the guy was quily by unanimous vote of his peers, other times when they asked the jury questions,they asked if i watched all the csi,and all the cop shows,lawyer shows,i answered i have no tv,dismissed ,everytime,want to get off a jury duty answer with this reply, I believe in capital punishment or vigalanty justice ,or letting the victims family have at you,works every time