First Caning

I avoided the cane while I was at junior school and for the first year at secondary modern, though I picked up my share of the slipper.

Then I did something very stupid and dangerous, both to myself and others and was caught and told to report to the deputy headmaster's office after school. I was thinking about my appointment all afternoon even though friends told me not to worry and it wasn't too bad.

At 4 o'clock I went to the deputy's office. There were no other boys waiting so I knocked on the door. He knew why I was there and started to go through how dangerous it had been and how serious it was. He said he was going to cane me severely and give me 4 strokes. None of my friends had got more than 2 at that time so I was very scared.

He stood up and got the cane down from a high shelf behind his desk. It was a straight piece of rattan about 2 feet long, without a crook handle. It was quite thick but he bent it in front of me and let it spring back.

He told me to stand in the middle of the office and hold out my left hand first. He tapped the cane across my palm a couple of time and said "This is going to hurt". Then he raised the cane up to his shoulder and lashed it down.

I tried not to move but I flinched and the cane landed across my fingers causing me to yell and start to cry. He just told me to hold my other hand out again and to keep it still this time. I closed my eyes and tried to keep as steady as I could. My left hand was stinging like crazy.

This time I did manage to keep it still but it still exploded in agony as the cane smacked down and I danced from one foot to the other waving my hand and blowing at them.

Mr Summers gave me a few moments and then told me to hold out the first hand again. I was reluctant to do so and he grabbed my arm and pulled it into position. I could see the mark of the cane across my fingers. He told me to hold it still and I closed my eyes tight again and tried to as much as I could.

The cane came down quickly, before I was prepared, and I yelled again. I pulled my hand down instinctively but as he pulled the cane up it smacked hard against the back of my hand. Nowhere near the force of the actual cane stroke but it was totally unexpected and I yelled again and started to sob.

I thought it was just an accident but the fourth stroke on my right hand was followed by a similar collision. I found out later that this was Mr Summers' usual procedure for the final two strokes when he gave boys 4 or more strokes, but I was the first in my year to get this.

He gave me a bit of time to collect myself after the last stroke and to "switch off the waterworks" and then he told me to go. Just turning the handle on the door really hurt and I had to force myself to do it.

Both hands were red and swollen when I got home but I managed to hide them from mum at first. But when I was eating supper she could see something was wrong and I had to show her my hands and it all came out. I didn't get to finish supper and had to go up to my room.

When dad came home I got a sound slippering on my bum to go with my caned hands :-(

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Your Dad reinforced the lesson at school with the slipper on your bum...was that on the bare bum and what sort of sole did the slipper have?

yes i also rember gettting my dads belt across by *** after being caned a cross hand at school

I got both the slipper and cane at school, but always on the backside. I hate the idea of being caned on the hands, and your account makes me feel quite uncomfortable. It was a bit harsh for your dad to slipper you too!

I had climbed onto a roof and thrown stones. It was the second time I did it, the first time I'd got away with it.

There were girls at the school and they could get the cane but they got it from a woman teacher, not the deputy headmaster.

You're right, Susan. It would probably have been easier to hide a caning on the bottom!

What was the "stupid and dangerous" thing you did? Were there girls at the secondary modern, if so, could they get the cane too? You said there were "no boys" outside the office.