The First Caning

Apologies to people that may have read this in other groups.but here goes..........I was always afraid of the cane at school.At primary school..i don't remember any girl that was caned...but I do remember any number of boys coming back to class crying their eyes out...and in grade 6 our classroom was by the Headmaster's office so we got to see boys waiting and then emerging from the office bawling and rubbing their bottoms...and we could feintly hear their howls coming from the office....but for me I was to wait until I was..13 and in form 2 before i got my first caning...and I found out that I was right to be afraid of that swishy cane.A caning is excrutiating and definitely to be avoided.However due to my foolishness I got it a further 4 times during my schooldays. I had no excuse and did deserve every caning I got.But my Headmistress was very experienced in dealing out a swishing making every stroke sting like the dickens and mark your bottom for days and days...
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We didn't get the cane in primary school, the most severe punishment there was the slipper, for boys and girls alike.

In secondary school the slipper was very common for both boys and girls. I got it loads of times as did a lot of others. The cane wasn't all that rare either. Almost every day they'd be a queue outside the head's. study of boys and girls waiting to be caned.

how on earth did you manage to get it 4 more times if it was that bad?

Susan we had 1 teacher in my school that could not make our bums sore! The marks were gone after a few hours, but for the rest of all my teachers, they made us feel as if you want to climb the wall to get away from the pain + cane-strokes.
I also deserved all my canings.

S/boysbum, you are right!

Hi Susan. What did you do to get the cane that first time and how many strokes did you get?

Good Q., Derek. I'm also eager to now.

I don't believe caning should be allowed at school. From your story, Ma'am, having welts on your bottom for days seems excessive.<br />
I do believe that about 5 swats with a paddle at school, followed by a session with Mom's hairbrush, would be effective discipline.<br />
Too many kids today seem totally undisciplined. I don't see how they will ever get along in later life without learning discipline at an early age.<br />
Find it hard to believe that you were such a hard core case that you got 5 canings at school.

The 60's weren't long away for me, Ma'am. Our 3 oldest girls were in school in the later 60's. Our youngest girl was born in 1969.

I don't recall any of our girls being spanked in school. Of course, they were all pretty well behaved, and good students, anxious to learn.

As a much caned English schoolboy of the 50's and having a sister whom was also often caned I can quite understand Strictsusan's schooling and upbringing. She appears to have been brought up in the English schooling system. {Forgive me if I am wrong} And with all good intentions you HFK456 seem to have been brought up under the United States schooling system.
We may talk in a similar language but our educational programmes and discipline are miles apart even more so 50+ years ago. So what seems harsh to you was quite common place in the U.K. I turst this explains all.

Susan, I agree ~ it was the same in S/Africa.