Prep School Discipline - Southern England Late 1960’s -70’s

The usual process for being dealt with in the Headmaster's study at my own prep school was as follows: after one had been caught for an offence, let us say with two others, and were therefore due to report after afternoon school to the headmaster, we'd have to present ourselves outside his study at the time ( usually before tea ) and wait on an old school bench that ran along the wall opposite his study door. This was where all miscreants had to be by the time the headmaster returned from the staffroom or anywhere else he may have been during afternoon school.

He'd on arrival enter his room ,after a cursory glance along the bench, with a brief "wait until you are called boys" to those of us waiting for his return. Knees were well and truly knocking by this time. Depending on whether boys were there "alone" or "with others" for the offence he would then come to the study door and summon us into the study accordingly. This first occasion I will relates to three of us, all there for the same offence and we are a little over ten, years old.

We were summoned in and the headmaster told us to stand facing his desk with our backs to the large bookcase that ran the length of the wall behind us. A huge floor to ceiling dark wood affair with books behind glass doors in the upper half and with long drawers below.. This done he then opened some folder and questioned us in turn about the offence, which I recall had something to do with being in the tuck room eating tuck when we should not have been and this being at least the second or even the third time this had occurred over the last few weeks or so. First time we were warned, second time set some task, and finally sent to see the H.M.
We were given the usual lecture about misbehaving and breaking the rules and how it was time to make an example of the three for constantly breaking the same rule over and over again with apparently no thought of any consequences. This he simply was not going to tolerate any longer. The time had come to make an example of us all in the hope of some drastic improvement in our attitudes to school rules. He went to his desk and took out his cane that he used for corporal punishments. It was about 30"long and as thick as a small boys little finger, which he then laid out on the desk.

The Headmaster then entered our names into the book, and told us to place hands on heads. He came forward in front of each of us and one by one unfastened our school shorts and dropped them to our ankles, this was quickly followed by our underpants. He then returned to his desk and picking up his cane he went and stood by his old two-seater chesterfield and called us forward one at a time to bend over the old round armed leather sofa. This was three or four steps away in front of us, so each of us had a good view of the boy being dealt with. We were to bend over the arm, head right down into the seat. Our blazers, pullovers, shirts and vests were then tucked up our backs out of the way. We were then given three firm whacks each with his cane, on our bottoms, our legs sometimes kicked in the air between each stroke and we could see our friends bottoms showing the stripes as we each waited our turn, still with our hands on our heads. After he had given the whacks we were told to return to our place at the bookcase, keeping our hands on heads, our shorts and our pants stayed round our ankles. The first boy was somewhat tearful as he "Penguin Shuffled" back to his place. I remember everything being on clear view to us two remaining. I was called forward next and the whole process repeated. I did not cry but my legs shot up after each whack and jerked about showing everything I had to those who could see behind me. I shuffled back read faced and a bit teary, then the last boy went forward having seen us two get it all. He took his whacks and his legs wriggled so much his shorts fell off and his pants slid right down. We could clearly see everything between his legs, and when he got the next stroke and his legs opened up again we saw everything. I was sore but getting interesting feelings which I could not really explain. I was quite enjoying seeing him get it now mine was safely over and done with. We were all told to dress and then he warned what to expect should there be further breaches of the schools rules. We did as we were told, pulling up our pants and shorts and then left the study.

We at once, by seemingly mutual telepathy, went straight to the changing rooms and looked at each others bottoms. We were all pretty red and hot as we touched each others bums. I got the same strange feelings and fely oddly flushed and a little excited. That effect was never to leave me, I was quite a regular visitor to the study both on my own and with others I had got into some trouble with. The same procedure was followed on each occasion… the lecture… the taking down and then the strap on the bare bottom. All that ever changed was the number of strokes given though after the first time it was never less than three, usually four or six. There was a pretty much unwritten ritual of looking at the marks afterwards, usually in the changing rooms.
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Oh yes, very much so ....

Thank you for this well written account....the waiting "to get it"was always a very nervous time wasn't it?

depends if you were first or not sometimes I was last, whuch i dreaded as i wanted to get mine over and as sting subsided see what was going on ..

Yes getting over the initial high level of sting was the main thing on my mind as it happened no worries about exposing anything really then.. lots else to worry about...

My guess is your only concern at the time was the agonising sting and smart of each cut

Yes very similar I can recall after first stoke shorts/pants flying off as my legs wriggled about soon all was very clearly revealed... Often saw that during HM canings... We had to wait till all were done before dressing and leaving study... .

Well, all I can say is that back then in Boarding Schools things were different. Parents did not have slips to return to school, they did not know about such things, ( apart from the fact we were slippered and caned, as they would have expected back then), unless they asked, ( mine never did). So, I guess a regime that began way back in the late thirties when the school was founded, just carried on until the whole nature of things changed during the late 1980's many years after my time at Prep School.

This seems exceptionally harsh for 10 year olds - and bare! I was only ever caned over trousers (at 12+), and that was painful enough

It was only bare in HM study everywhere else in school is was across what you were wearing at the time. If it was messing in the showeres then tough luck!

I suppose really that the account becomes a story when for whatever reason you like so many others, me included, decide to don shorts and a blazer and relive being a schoolboy.

Delighted that so many have read and seems you liked the story... except that it's not really a story more of a description of how it was. hard to beleive some of those things today.

Loved your story. Well deserved on each occasion I am sure though you would have only got one warning from me. Then it would have been the cane!

Thank you for your thoughts. I agree, one warning back then was more usual. But anyway soon made up for that over the next couple of years as with best friend was regular visitor for the cane.

Enjoyed your story schoolboyuk, wish I had been one of your mates that day and shared your sore bottoms.

Was there an occasion where you had to wait for a caning outside listening to the thwacks and cries of another boy being caned

I agree legs were jelly when I had to go in.....the previous boys cries still ringing in my ears