Erection When Caned On Bare Bottom

When I was at school in the 50 s and 60 s, “Senior Prefects” were allowed to spank pupils, and they all did, some more, some less, some of them (admittedly few) did it excessively. Those who did it excessively, used every pretext to get their hands (and canes) on our behinds, and enjoyed it. I remember two of them, and I frequently got a spanking from them. Spanking on the bare was officially reserved to the headmaster and a few teachers, but these prefects easily found access to our bare bottoms.
Whenever I was for a spanking, they offered a normal number with trousers kept on, or a reduced number ( and reduced severity of the whacks), when we agreed to get it on the bare. I normally , like my mates, opted for a spanking on the bare. Once I chose to get it with trousers on, but they hit with such a force, that I never wanted to repeat this experience.
They always took some time for the spanking, talking to me and enjoying my embarrassment, when I stood in front of them, naked below the waist, with red face and normally with an erection, caused by the tension and shame. They openly talked about my erection and advised me, that most of the pupils had an erection directly before the spanking would start, and that it would subside, when the punisment went on.
“First I give you three slaps on your face cheeks, and then cane you. After I will have slapped your face cheeks, your erection will possibly have disappeared.”
Then he slapped my left cheek three times, and looked down at me.
“No change. But during the caning,that I m going to give you now, it will subside.”
He felt up my red and hot cheek and asked, ”if I really felt it, or needed more slaps?”
I said: “No, it really hurt!”
“Ok, so bend over the bench!”
I walked to the bench and leaned over. He rubbed over my bare bottom with his palm.
“You’ve got a nice bottom. It`s so spankable. It cries for a spanking!”
“What do you mean by that?” I asked, because I thought it might be good for me to create a nice atmosphere between us.
“It s relatively big, solid ,but soft at the same time, and very smooth”.
I turned and looked back to him. ”I`m glad you like it” I said, smiling.
“Stick your bottom out a little bit more!” he ordered.
“Thats fine, so I can spank you properly. But relax your buttocks, they are too tense. Your bottom must be soft and wobbly, when I start caning you!”
He tapped on my bare buttocks repeatedly, and I tried to keep them relaxed. Indeed I felt after some time, how my buttocks wobbled slightly under the patting of the cane.
“Are they o.k. now? Can you spank me properly now?” I asked.
“That’s fine! Well done. I m going to reduce the number of the whacks by three, because you cooperate nicely. This means, I give you nine whacks”.
“Thank you “ I pressed out.
“I m about to give you the first one. How do you feel, directly before your caning starts?”
“I m so ashamed!”
“I believe that. You are 13 years old, but you have to present your bare bottom to me like a little boy of 7 or 8 years.”
Then he gave me the first whack, which hurt, but not too much. Then he gave in quick succession three more whacks, harder than the first one.
“Did you feel them, or should I hit harder?”
“They hurt,`please don’t hit me so hard! I really kept my cheeks soft and wobbly for you”.
“ Indeed you did. Possibly I can let you go off with 8 strokes. But I have to make sure you feel them! We have a break now. Go over to the mirror and look at the stripes”.
I walked to the mirror and looked at the wields on my buttocks, and gently touched them with my fingertips.
“When I look at the stripes, I think I could put some more force in the next whacks, don’t you think so?”
“Please do not! My bottom hurts”.
“Glad to hear!”
After a few minutes he ordered me to lean over the bench again. When I walked over, he said:”You have still got a stiffie. Maybe I should whack harder to bring it down!”
Walking to the bench I realized a big bulge in the front of his trousers.
“Just wait a moment”. I said.I feel my buttocks are a little bit tense. I try to get them more relaxed for you, and maybe I should stick out my bottom more, in order to make it easier for you to cane me?”
“Just relax them a little bit,then it`s fine”.
He stood behind me and gently rubbed my bottom, sometimes trailed the marks with his fingertips.This went on for about 5 minutes.Then he gave me another whack. After that he again felt up my bottom for some minutes, then he said: ”Now the last one, which will be the hardest, just to teach you a lesson”.
He tapped the cane several times on my bottom, then gave me a hard whack, which made me cry.
“Now turn and look at me!”
I turned and realized,through my tears, that the bulge in his trousers had disappeared, instead of that there was a dark stain.
He said: “Your stiffie has gone, indeed. Iam sure, the last whack did it, didn`t it?”
I nodded, smiling.
He gently patted my bare bottom, and said : ” Your bottom is really red and hot. But I could have given all the strokes with that force of the last one, you know that! So you should be grateful!”
“Thank you for not hitting me too hard.”
“And are you going to be a good boy in future?”
“I will be a good boy. You wont need to punish me in future.”
“I doubt! Now dress up and off you go!”

Times have changed!
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Yes prefects certainly enjoyed discipling boys and yes bare or naked. the cane was their item of choice, and even thought they promised a lesser and more gentle tanning it never was that much softer. and yes of course there was a hugh sexual eliment involved. A Stiff member often remained during the tanning too and had to be taken care of later. Oh happy days lol

Yes I remember being caned by prefects - except that my recollection is that they all, without exception, took great pleasure in caning my bottom. As you say, there was a notional tariff for a caning in gym shorts, but that was delivered with such savagery that we always took our punishments bare - and that meant naked. I was always aroused, and that was considered 'normal'. Of course such punishments were completely illegal, because prefects were only allowed to cane boys in their shorts. But it happened, and we were willing accomplices. In my case that was not just because the bare caning hurt less but also because the theatre of it all - the groping, stroking and touching that went with being caned by the prefects - made the agony of the cane so much easier to bear.