I was invited to a birthday party one day by an good friend of mine whom I had not seen for many years,her name was Katie and we had met at the same high school..this was not her birthday tho.but was having it for a very good friend of hers...when I got to to the address of this huge living palace .. that she lived in..I was impressed by how big the house was..then even more once inside,then I was led out to the back yard and the back yard seemed to me..even a bit bigger then the house,there were many people that had come to her party,as she was a very popular girl known by most everyone in this decent sized town,then Katie grabbed me by the introduced me to many of her girlfriends there..two of whom seemed that as soon as we met we all smiled at one another...but each smile was from ear to ear on all three of us..and to me smiling to..start things off like that..is always a good thing

It was a great happening,music playing on a very good sound system,enough food and snacks to feed two army's,some very hot babes in their sweet looking bikini's pool..and volley ball court that I was now playing upon and it was great.for the time that I had been there so far I had been munching on stuff here and there hot dogs.two burgers..potato salad..ETC..and knew that at some point during the party...I would have to more then likely use my diapers.. but also thought if I tried to time things right..it may not happen.

After me doing a lot of things that afternoon including meeting more of the two girls introduced earlier to me by Katie..one girls name was Kelly...the other one was Cindy we all then started up another volley ball game and of course I was on their team..Ha..Ha..as I was standing there I went to swat a pesky winged beast off my leg and as I reached my hand back up I touched the bottom of my cutoffs and realized they were slowly expanding and I was messing my pants,Yes I did start to panic just a bit as to what to do now,as no one at the party..including Katie knew that I wore diapers and rubber pants and I was not really ready to share that information with no one..at least not right now

While the game wound down I got my thoughts together..and I knew that when I first left the house this morning I filled a backpack with stuff I figured I may need for the day,this included two extra cloth diapers,two pairs of pink plastic pants,as well as,baby wipes,baby powder,diaper pins,a hat,and a t shirt..all I had to do now was walk over to the house and get it,then hope I could find a place to change,I removed my T shirt then wrapped and tied it around my waist to hide the bulge in the back of my pants that surly would have given mew away,then walked over to the house past a whole lot of people..that were none the wiser to what I had done,I then walked into the kitchen and grabbed the back pack from the chair....then went looking for a place to change.

After looking around for a bit I seen a place Just off of the property..It seen a shed so I walked up to it..and when I pushed on the door,it opened..there was clear spot on the floor I could clear out more for my diaper change..also close by was a big tarp..so I cleared a bigger spot and laid the tarp on the floor....then took out my diaper supplies set them all close by as well as laying a fresh diaper upon the tarp then I went to work pulling off my rubber pants and unpinning my cloth diaper and when I was all done with the baby wipes I lay upon the fresh cloth diaper and,sprinkled lots of baby powder on me and the diaper then I reached up and started to pull the diaper between my legs..to my surprise the door opens up.slowly..and guess who walks in...my heart started to pound

It was all three girls I had met so far,,Katie,Kelly,and Cindy..and I right away tried to grab the tarp to pull over me but it was far too late for that..so there I was laying on a partially put on diaper,a pair of pink colored plastic pants around my ankles,baby supplies all around me,and a huge smile upon my face,as well as feeling a bit naughty..the girls just looked at me..smiled a big smile and then slowly closed the door,but I felt at that moment that nether of those sweet girls would ever speak to me again after they seen what they has just seen...so I thought..it turned out I was so very wrong to think that at all and yes they did not talk to me for a day,but after that day passed... they all came over to my place and invited me out on a night with all three of them that outing was fantastic and latter on down the road... that is another story that I may share one day

We all still keep in touch on the phone even tho were mostly long distance friends in the telephone world now as we all live in different places now then where this awkward turn of events took place,but when we do talk that birthday party incident those many years ago is always brought to the forefront of the conservation and how they just had no words to say to me that day but told me..it did not mean at all that we did not like you in them that day or like what we seen and being very very polite people we just wanted to give you your space as we are pretty sure you would do that for us if it were us chancing our diapers in that situation...and that has happened before..I was now very intrigued as to the fact they at one time wore them..and they still may I did not know for sure..and another thought they all told me was..how cute I looked in my blue colored diapers and pink colored plastic pants...I thanked them all very much for that compliment...take care all

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Lo at least they thought you looed cute in them

LOL, If take time to care about what people think but when it happen we can hope for the best and it will happen or if the other way then walk away