There is a guy I fancy at work and he came and sat next to me when we were in town.

Yesterday, I was working and I was taking my break just sitting and chilling.

I had had a rough night and had hardly any sleep so maybe I just couldn't be bothered to keep up the pretence any longer but when this guy stood in front of us in a pair of well fitting levis it was all that I could do not to drool.

I had my wayfarers on so it wasn't too obvious.
I thought.
I'm wasn't sure if my crush noticed and I hadn't intended for this to happen but when a woman stood in front of us he said
'hey nice arse'
sorry, but I could only be a bit non committal and I think I failed (or maybe, hopefully, passed the test).

Time will tell the outcome.
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You can't help your natural reactions. I was like that with the church plumber . This was not the time and place ! He's very cute and a very good plumber ! He doesn't always charge for the work he does. "You know where I am if you want me !" His Mum looks after his appointments . She even asked me if
I was ok about him doing the churches plumbing . I said yes he's a good plumber. The thing is he made a pass at me ! It all clicked in place !
He was as Gay as I am ! I was a it shocked as I had missed his social cues for around 10 years ! I'm not good with social cues ! It took me a while to understand that he fancied me . I knew I fancied him :) he's younger than me and I ended up writing to him saying that I wasn't in love with him. The age gap was two big . Let's say that when I'm 90 he would be 70 . I didn't deny I was Gay . I wanted to make love to him and I still want to . So I'm not married and he still lives with his Mum and Dad . I'm not a member of the church but I still see them as my extended family . So he's waiting for me to get to grips with my sexuality , but if he finds somebody else , I accept it :) though I might be a bit disappointed .
You can't help your natural reactions . Basically he gives me a whopper ! We could have had sex in the church boiler room. The church I go to now has with my encouragement agreed to accept civil partnerships . It's the law any any case ... :)

The age thing can be difficult. For me the whole idea of people wanting farther figures is strange.
That said why not try and go out for a few drinks together or maybe have him over for a meal.
it doesn't have to be sex and a full on love affair immediately. Take it sloaw and see where it leads.

Thanks for replying :) I left things a bit in his 'court' I said I would be happy to be freinds . I don't think he realised that their was a big age gap. That's because I don't look my age. When I became a member of my church at 19 I agreed to myself that I would be celibate. I think in lots of ways I used that as an excuse to hide behind so that I didn't have to bother . The pressure to conform is strong . I like women and I wouldn't rule out the possibility that I could fall in love with a female . I did actually propose once for a similar reason that you did . I did it in the hearing of her grandson . His father isn't married to his Mum and has another son who he lives with. His grandad was divorced by his grandma and she was very pleased when he told her he had terminal cancer. Although I like his grandmother it wouldn't surprise me if she hadn't butties him under her patio. Only a joke. I don't think she appreciated it either. Or the leg of newt and eye of toad that I suggested she put in her sons birthday cake . We have that sort of relationship :) I'm sure your step daughter hero worships you as does mine , what ever he is .. We bonded in a similar way .. But back to the plumber he's clearly Gay and I just didn't read his 'messages' what I would know call his 'social cues' that's something I've learnt since I was diagnosed .. I've read up on relationships and I'm told to go by instincts .. But it's to late me thinks and the gap to big .. :( but it is about love and who you fall in love with .. And I know about that and it really hurts when you have to let someone go ... Some people just don't seem to understand that's it the same kind of love that two men can feel that also a man and a woman can feel. I guess I'm privileged in knowing that rather than just trying to understand it or refusing to accept it . :)