She Caught Me Again

not for the first time my mother in law caught me in her panties we went to visit her in the country as her husband is overseas on business we had been there for a day and my wife and mother in law decided to go shopping but i had other plans so i said i i will pass this time so off they went they were barley out the driveway and i had striped naked and headed in to here walking in closet i went straight for her lingerie draws. she is so slutty in her lingerie so i love getting into it i slipped on some red lace panties and a pair of red lace top stockings and headed for the dress racks she has some very sexy clothes she is a size bigger than me in most thing but i have never let that stop me i found this sexy black evening dress that i had to try on i just love ho it looked on me.  then i found this cute little floral dress that was almost see through as i said she is slutty at times i decided  that i should change my panties and stockings for the cute floral dress so i found a cute pair of pink ruffled panties and a pair of white lace top stockings i had just put them on and i was looking At myself in the full length mirror.  and i was admiring my rock hard **** in her panties and thinking i would look hot in the dress when i  heard my mother in law whisper in my ear that i knew you would be in here and that my wife was visiting her little brother and that i had to pick her up in half an hour as this was not the first time she had caught me in her lingerie i was not to worried about her being upset and even less surprised when she asked me to models some of her clothes she said that she had purchased a pair of 6 inch silver heels in my size as she knew that hers were to small. so there i am in my mother in laws panties and stockings and my new heels strutting up and down in front of her in some very slutty clothes and loving it. she said i think it is time to change your panties and went and got a pair of sheer black see through panties and black lace top stockings she said put the stocking on first so i did what i was told i slid the pink panties down and expecting her to pass the black pair to me but instead she walked over and bent down and held the panties and helped me slide them on and took what seemed to be forever to adjust my **** in her panties at that point i had to hold it together and not blow my load then and there. she asked me to walk up and down the bedroom and show her how i looked in her lingerie she said i looked great and then she stood next to me and gently placed her hand on my rock hard **** she then slowly peeled the sheer material down and grasped my **** and ever so softly slide my **** into her mouth and gave me one of the best head jobs i have ever had and after she finished she simply said you can keep the lingerie and you had better get showered you have to pick your wife up so of i walked in my new heels holding my **** in my hand and thinking not for the first time  that my mother in law is not like most mother in laws not that i am complaining and as usual when i returned with my wife later she acted as nothing had happened.
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what a wonderful story!

God that's a hot!
Just wondering, did the relationship ever take the next ultimate step?

lucky girl

I would love to be at your family parties too slip off with you and her.

Awesome story ... has me stroking thinking about how much fun this is!!!

no it is true what can i say my mother in law loves being slutty i i am more than happy to let her and over the years she has donated some very sexy lingerie to me unknowing at first but later on all to willingly

Great story, gurl, whether fact or fiction, no matter.<br />
<br />