Tiny Underwear At School

This happened a few years ago, at my school. Everyone would wear boxer brief underwear and so would I as anyone who wouldnt would be teased and tormented by the other boys in the locker room.

One day I woke up to find only one pair of very small, tight pair of tighty wighty briefs. I then realised I was running late and didnt have time to think so I grabbed the undies, pulled them on with the rest of my clothes and ran straight to school, giving me a giant wedgie.

In first period, I had PE which meant changing into sport shorts. Whilst getting changed i realised that In all the rush of getting to school I had no sport shorts.

The sudden wedgie by my schoolfriend broke me out of my thoughts. I stood there surrounded by my grade in nothing but tighty wighties barely hiding my boy parts.

But it just got worse, for forgetting my sport shorts, i had to do sport with no shorts or top at all. Leaving me in front of girls almost naked. I got wedgied or slapped on the *** every second of the lesson. SO EMBARRASSING...
jake1998 jake1998
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 5, 2013

soo hot!!! would love to see that!