Exposed In Embarrassing Underwear

ok so I was in school wearing the school's dress code (short skirt and white button up shirt) and I was walking and then I hear a few pops and I look behind and then noticed the buttons came off and it exposed my bra and I was scared so I go into the locker room to see 2 guys trying to see what was in the girls locker room and they see me and hold me down and one ripped off the rest of my shirt and the other rips off my skirt ( that day I was wearing a bra and panties but they were rainbow colored) now they start teasing me and rubbing my boobs and just playing with them and start saying hey lets take the rest of her clothes off I was lucky enough for a few girls coming over and they beat the crap out of them and the boys run off and the girls said are you okay (the nicest thing that someone did for me at school) and I just put on my clothes that were in the locker and we all said nothing happened
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1 Response Jul 30, 2013

my friend Jenna had that happen to her she was 10 and 2 bullies they took off her dress and hid it for her she had on a pink bra and her most humiliating pair of underwear her pink little mermaid ones her 2 best friends which are also my friends Heather and Samantha beat the bullies up and helped Jenna get her dress back and all 4 of us stuck together and looked out for each other