Third Grade

I was in third grade when I got caught in the rain. I used to walk to school then. Because we didn't live that far from the school. It was one of those days when the kittens wouldn't go inside of the house. It was storming that morning and we had to get to school. The rain came down real hard as we where heading to school. We even had to run in the ran. But that didn't help much at all. I know that the back of my paints where just wet. I thought that I was in trouble for being late. My class room that school year was out in the relocatable. So it was off from the school. Lucky for me I got there before my teacher did. We just stayed by the doors until that rain stopped. So that we could get to class. I was glad that I wasn't late at all. I am sure that there where others that where later then me. Seeing how the school was only a block from where I lived. I know that some of the other students showed up even after I had. I will never forget that day in my life. It was such a bad rain storm. I just hope that i never get caught in that kind of a storm again. That is for sure.
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22-25, F
Jun 7, 2011