Got Caught ************ By Gf's Mom

Okay I feel quite embarass to write this but here we go anyway...

So me and my gf decided to stay at her parents for the week. One morning before she left for work she gave me a box of tissue to help me get rid of my morning wood (getting rid of my morning wood was a regular habit for me and my gf) so while I was halfway to my climax the door opened and her mother came in. I was shocked and frozen and my gf's mom just went straight out again.

Later that day she explained that she thought both me and my gf was working so she was going to clean our room. After that day everything became awkward for the whole week and I still feel embarass just thinking about it.
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It happens, it's a normal thing. I wouldn't obsess about it.

i have been caught by my gf's mum and i have also caught her mum too so embarrassing to be in that situation