Caught By Mom!

I was 17 it was a summer morning. I just woke up and went to the bathroom. Mom is gone by the time I got up. So there I was in the bathroom morning wood trying to pee. I looked down and beside the toilet was mom's silk panties. Well went pee was still hard. So I grabbed her panties they where still warm as always but wetter. I headed back to my room for a setion. I had those panties up my nose and in my mouth while stroking myself. When I heard a clearing of a throat. I spit the panties out and open my eyes to see mom standing there.
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2 Responses Jun 4, 2011

so what happen? what did she say or do?

Mom leaves me nice warm wet panties every day now. I'm trying to get caught ************ again.

like to talk more privately if you dont mind and i can help you get caught and more