I Got Caught ************

It was a few years ago now when i was still living at home i was home by my self in my room as everyone had just gone out so i yhought it was a good time to watch a bit of **** in my room got some lube out and started stroking it wasnt to long before i was hard as a rock i was really getting ito it but trying to slow it down to last a bit longer but the feeling of my hardness in my hand had me really excited there i was lost in my own little world then i heard someone say..... i forgot to ask you do you want something for dinner while we are out little did i know my mum had come back see was looking straight at me then sshe looked at my hand and my rock hard member as soon as i saw her look at my **** i exploded all over the place i could feel the *** running down my leg and hand looked up again my mum had a supriesd look on her face but all she said was make sure you use paper towel or tissues to clean that up the washing is killing me
farscape69 farscape69
36-40, M
May 16, 2012