Humiliated At School

When I was little, I had my clothes pulled off by my cousin in front of my friends. It seems like after that happened to me, I had a lot of embarrassing things to happen through out my life. When I was 12 years old, I had a very embarrassing situation happen to me once again. I was very shy and did not want anybody to see me naked, especially girls. I was so terrified of girls seeing me naked. I had started puberty very early, and by the 6th grade, I already had pubic hair. This was very embarrassing since all the boys in my class had to take a shower after our gym class. I wasn’t the only boy who was embarrassed by taking a shower after gym, but I think I was the most self conscious about it. To make things worse, my genitals were noticeably bigger than the other boys. Most boys would have been proud to have a bigger package, but for me, it just meant that when I was naked, there was more to be seen. With the pubic hair and bigger “you know”, I might as well had a sing around my neck saying, “Look at Me!” and especially since my class was full of aggressive loud boys who were nothing but bullies. I was taking my shower after gym class one day, when I was grabbed by several other boys from my class. They pulled me over to the fire exit door in our locker room as one of them opened the door. Too my horror, the entire 7th grade girl’s gym class was just outside the door sitting on bleachers. I kicked and fought as hard as I could, as I was begging them not to do this to me. Chad, one of the boys, said, “I think that the girls should see the hair between your legs, it’ll be funny”. I was like, “NO! It want be funny!” They pushed me out of the door and quickly pulled the door shut. It only opened from, the inside, so I was trapped outside. I was completely naked in front of the 7th grade girl’s gym class. I was so humiliated. All I could do was cover my privates with one hand and bang on the door with the other. The girls all had mixed reactions to seeing me naked. Most of them were laughing their heads off, but some were like in total shock. The worse part was, their coach was in a meeting, so there was no help from a teacher. I was in a total nightmare with no way out. As if it couldn’t get any worse, for some unknown reason, I got a massive erection that was impossible to hide.  Even to this day I have no ideal why I got an erection for.  I was completely embarrassed and hating the whole situation.  I didn't even secretly like being naked in front of the girls, but everybody was convinced that I did since I had an erection. That made the girls laugh even harder. To get back into the school, and the safety of the boy’s locker room, I had to run through the glass doors, leading back into the building. I was halfway down the hall, when I slipped and fell on my naked butt because I was still wet from the shower. I looked up and saw an outstretched arm, reaching down to me to get me back onto my feet. Once I looked up to see who it was, I was in total shock and disbelief. It was Becky, the girl that I had a crush on since 3rd grade. She was holding a hallpass and sort of had a grin on her face, but for the most part she was in more shock than I was, to seeing me totally naked. I reached up and took her hand. She saw clearly, everything I had and then some. I tried covering myself up as I took off running again to try to get to the locker room. I got to the door that was in the gym, but it was locked. I was in full panic mode. I could feel the cool air conditioned wind hitting my genitals and making me feel more exposed every second that I was naked. Some of the girls from the outside gym class followed me into the school and were still peeking at me, as I could hear them giggling from the hall by the gym door. I ran through the boy’s gym, streaking all the way, to the main hall to get to the locker room door, that led to the hall. It had no door, so I knew that I could get in that way. My heart was racing and almost beating right out of my chest from the thought of being totally naked in school, with girls watching every move that I made. I was even more panicked because I knew the bell was about to ring and that the main hall would fill with students in a matter of seconds. Being naked was one terror that I didn’t like to be in, but it would have been a total nightmare to have to push my way through the crowed of student while I was completely naked and exposed. I made it to the locker room door, but as I started to run inside, Chad, Jimmy, Rick and a few other of the boys who through me outside naked were standing in the door way doubled over in laughter. As I tried to go inside they kept pushing me out and would not let me inside. Then it got worse, the bell rang. Boys and girls started pouring out of all the classrooms that were along the hall and the 8th grade girls dance class started pouring out of the dance class, and the small hallway from behind me. They instantly came to a halt and just stared at me. I was pushing to get past these boys, saying, “oh God!!! Please let me in. Oh God!!!! Oh God!!!” The boys just kept pushing me back into the hall as they laughed. A circle of student formed around where we were. I could hear girls saying things like, “Oh My God, he’s naked!!” “He’s naked as a jay bird!!” “I can’t believe it!!! His thing is sticking strait out!!!” and some were even saying things like, “those jerks!! Let him in!!” Guys were saying, “oh God, That’s just wrong” and things like that. Thankfully, a teacher pushed her way through the crowed of on looking students and put a stop to the terrible event. The boys who pushed me outside naked, all got into really bad trouble, but I had to live with the humiliation until we moved. I was never so glad to get away from a school in my whole life. I was teased relentlessly until our move. Looking back, I get excited and wish that I would have reacted different, but back then, I was just a little kid who had his hairy penis and testicals viewed by the entire school. It was horrible for me back then, or so I thought.
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Would have have been a problem for me. I would have asked the girls for a blow job.

I had so many horrible experiences in junior high i decided that in high school i was
just there to attend classes, prepare and hand in essays, and write exams.

I never even used the school washrooms.

the bathroom door only opened from the inside, so I assume you all would climb in through the window after P.E?

Fortunately is the right word in this case. I’m great now, and actually view it as a “bitter sweet” found memory. As a child I thought my life had been destroyed, but it’s not everyday that a person gets the chance to be completely naked in front of so many of the opposite sex. There is a very thin line between fantasy and nightmare. I had many of these situations happen to me and as a child, I was forced into them. By the time I was in high school, I began to enjoy the freedom of nudity and taking risks to be “discovered”. I’m sure that it was those early moments of embarrassment that drove to being an exhibitionist.

I believe I know exactly where you're coming from, and while you may look back and have it now look exciting, that is only from the perspective of a fully grown mature, healthy male - fortunately. I say "fortunately" because it could have been more traumatic than it was and left you emotionally damaged. And I agree, given your youth and degree of maturity at the time, it seems unlikely you could have reacted differently. And it was horrible. <br />
<br />
I hope today you have learned to enjoy nudity, even in semi-public situations like nude beaches. <br />
<br />
BTW, did anything ever develop between you and Becky?<br />
<br />

Nothing ever really happened between me a Becky because I moved not too long after that. Looking back I realize that something could have blossomed, because she kept wanting to sit next to me during lunch and talk to me in the halls. I was to bashful and embarrassed from the incident to even look her in the eye. Like I said, I wished I would have done things different and embraced what happened to me. But I was a kid and I felt like my life was over. Only if I could go back now, knowing what I know now.