Tied Up

So I got this girl mad by calling her a *****. She deserved it, because she called me a ***** and a ****. I don't mess around.

Her name is Morgan, and she is a jerk. Ever since kindergarten, she's insulted me, embarrassed me... that's what this story's about.

Anyway, I called Morgan a *****.


Morgan yelled, "You take that back!"

"No! You deserve it! You've called me worse things and have embarrassed me more than I've ever said your name!"

I don't know why I mentioned the embarrass part, because that was one of the mistakes I made that day.

Morgan pinned me down, carried me to the emptied boy's locker room, ******** me, and tied me to a locker. Thankfully, it was near the end of school, so no boys were in there. But that meant I would have to spend the night there and then get embarrassed in the morning. Great.

Morgan left, and I heard voices coming from the hall.


"Hey, pipsqeak," Morgan said to me.

"The name's Ryan," I replied.

"Whatever. Why are you still here?"

"I left some books in my locker. I don't know why I put them there in the first place."

"Oh. I better get to the Conservation Club meeting."

The way she said that made me wonder...

She left, and I went into the locker room, only to see Courtney tied up.

"Ryan!" Courtney exclaimed.

"Courtney?" Ryan asked.

"Thank goodness you're here!"

"I'm guessing Morgan did this."

"Yeah... she left me here."

"Well, I'll untie you."

"No! Don't!"


"Because I'm naked..."

"Why is it that every time I see you after school, you're naked?"

"I don't know..."

"I'd give you my gym clothes, but they're in my backpack. And it looks like the janitor took the towels to wash them."

"So what do we do?"

"We could sneak you out of here naked."

"But the Conservation Club..."

"We can sneak past them."

"But you..."

"I've seen you naked before."



I don't know why I agreed to that. It's still embarrassing. But Ryan untied me.

"Great," Ryan said, "now we just need to get out of here."

Then, we heard some voices come down the hall.


We both ran into an open locker and shut the door. It was cramped. Through the holes in the locker, we could see what was going on.

The teacher, Mrs. Treadrun, said, "And as you can see here... oh! Why would someone leave rope here?"

Morgan, right behind Treadrun, looked discouraged.

"Why did you want us to come here again, Morgan?"

That evil witch!

"Um..." Morgan explained, "to show you the rope."

"Oh... well, not very exciting."

So the class left, and Ryan and I were in the locker.

Ryan kneeled down so he was right at my stomach, and then he started messing with the mechanisms in the locker. He got us out.

I looked around for an exit, thinking the front door wouldn't be the safest option, and I said, "The window!"

"Right!" Ryan said, "You can get out the window, and I'll come meet you."

Ryan left, and I started to get myself out through the window. Then, I got stuck.


When I got to where the window was, I saw Courtney stuck in the window. I grabbed her and started pulling.

In an awkward moment, she came out, and we both fell backwards, with her on top of me.

She quickly got up and hid in the bushes.

"Now," I explained, "your house is five houses away from the school. We just need to find a way past the houses and to your house."

"The backyards?" Courtney asked.

"No... people would see you jumping over the fence. Plus, we've got to cross the street."

"So... what?"

"I was thinking... my backpack."


"All of my books are in the locker in the locker room. My backpack's pretty big, so you might be able to fit."


I put my backpack on the ground and Courtney climbed in. She fit in it!

I tried picking her up and I failed. But then I saw my friend Nathan come out of the school.

"Nathan!" I shouted.

Nathan came running over to me.

"Can you carry this backpack while I go to Courtney's house? It's heavy and we need to do some studying."

"Sure... 'studying'..." replied Nathan.

Disgusting thoughts.


Yeah, I heard it. Disgusting.

I felt Nathan pick up the backpack and start walking.

Nathan asked, "What's in this, bricks?

Ryan replied, "It's more of an... after-school project."

Ok... that was a funny joke, so I giggled.

Nathan stopped. "Did you hear that?"

"Yeah, that's my Courtney impression."

Nathan kept going. "Spot on!"

I heard a door open and shut, and then another door open. Then Nathan stopped and set down the backpack.

"Courtney's not here."

"I'll wait for her. You go on ahead and leave."

I heard Nathan leave, and then Ryan unzipped the backpack. I sprung out of the backpack and hugged him.

"Um... Courtney..."

"Thank you so much! That would have been so embarrassing!"

"You're still naked."

Awkward... so Ryan left.

I got some clothes on and continued my day.
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Great story. Felt sympathetic for you but excited about the experience. Thanks

Hot, but the perfect way to ruin your reputation... I would have helped you!