The Most Embarrassing Day Of My Life

It was my freshman year of high school. During gym class we went outside in the rain because the teacher said it would be good for us. Right before me had to go in my friend pushed me in a huge pile of mud and I was covered head to foot in it. My teacher told me to go and take a shower. Okay before I go any further i just want to explain I wasn't what you'd say developed. The only hair I had on my whole body was on top of my head. And my **** was the smallest thing ever. Back to the story I got to the locker room and ******** down. I left my locker unlocked foolishly and got a towel to tack a shower. When I got out of the shower I saw my towel was gone and my locker was wide open with nothing in it. When I got to the locker there was a note on the floor that said thought it would be nice if you could spend the rest of the day naked. I was in big trouble I had no clothes no towel and there were no clothes I could wear in there. I new the only thing I had was a coat in my locker. But that was on the third floor and I was on the first. I waited in there for 20 minutes before leaving. I peeked out the door to make sure no one was coming and bolted for the staircase. I climbed to fist set of stairs and hear some people coming. So I hide in one of the computer labs before proceeding. Once they had pasted I bolted for the next staircase when the door to the library swung open and knocked me right on my ***. Then I looked up and saw a group of 5 girls walk out of the library. They were juniors and I was happy about that cause if they were in my grade I would have died right there. They looked over at me sitting butt naked on the floor trying to cover myself up as best I could and started giggling not laughing but doing that weird girl giggle. I just sat there frozen looking at them and just started balling my eyes out. I mean I was screaming and crying like a baby. The girls stopped giggling when I started doing that and went over to me. As they walked towards me I slid along the floor away from them still balling my eyes out. I slid back until I hit the corner of the wall really had on my back. Which made me grab my back in pain but exposing me small **** to them which made me feel even more embarrassed. Then two of them sat down in front of me and told me to stop before I got the whole school over there. So I stopped and they asked me if I could stand up. I shook my head no and they told me that they could pick me up instead. I didn't want them to pick me up naked so I stood up and covered myself so they would see my **** again. They asked me why I was running around school naked and I explained every thing to them. One of the girls had a scarf and she warped it around my waist so I could cover myself up until I got some pants. Next another girl texted her bf or something cause a little while later a guy showed up with a pair of pants a shirt and some flip flops. I put them on then they took me the office. I talked to the principle about what had happened and he called my mom and she came and picked me up. I told the girls thank up and they all kissed me on the cheek. One of them even told me I was cute. After that I became friends with those girls and they helped me through my first two years of high school. But I was still the worst day of my whole life. This is a true story and one that I hope never happens to anyone else.
MrB24 MrB24
18-21, M
Nov 29, 2012