Lost In Gym

In gym we were playing tennis. I consecutively beat my friend Austen. For about a week every day he would lose by one less point. So he kept going on and on that he would beat me or tie me. I was so sure I would continuously beat him. After rubbing it in a bit more about my winning streak. So he said "fine lets bet on it. Loser str!ps naked." So I figured if he wanted to get naked why not... I ended up losing horribly.

Gym was coming to a close so we headed to the locker room. I walked over with him to his locker and took off my shirt and shoes then look at him and drop my pants, underwear and all. He looked down at my shorts around my ankles and said "naked". So I stepped out of them. Just a funny ha-ha moment then I'd redress. But while I did this a couple boys walked in. I saw them step into the isle. I jumped behind the lockers still naked. Then Austen grabbed my clothes off the ground. More boys flooded in and I heard one ask Austen "Is he naked?" My modesty is already typically low so I figured I wasn't getting my clothes back hiding so I stepped out from behind and a few of the boys began laughing at the situation. I let them laugh and stood there with my hands up motioning "come on take it all in ha-ha" Then we heard the teacher come into the locker room telling us to hurry up. Austen threw me my underwear and I quickly slipped them on... In vain though. When he came over his eyes got wide and said, "Bryan I think you have a problem" then pointed. I looked down and my d!ck popped out of my fly. So at least a good fourth of my gym class boys saw me nude and my gym teacher saw my c0ck... embarrassing at the time, now just pretty funny. haha
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haha believe me more people have seen my **** than I can count. I always am flashing it around both my coincidence and purposefully ;)

you know what?! I'm sure he lost on purpose to play that trick on you. he knew you would be sure that you would win and then would accept the bet. and then he didn't let you win, he played different then and that made you nervous and you finally lost.
that's an old trick :-)
if you think back, could it be I'm right?
maybe he wanted to see your c*ck, maybe he's gay or bi.
if he played that trick on you, you should check out if he likes to see you naked.
find out if he would check your crotch when you grab it and he wants to see the outline of your hard*n.
if he likes it you can tease him a lot and maybe finally have a lot of "fun" with him :-)