An Experience That I Will Never Forget

I remember when my pubic hair was just starting to come through, my scrotum was itchy sometimes and one day when I was in my last class of the day, which was French, it was really itchy and I just couldn't ignore it. So I decided I would go to the toilet and see if there was something wrong.

I asked the teacher to go to the toilet, which was just down the stairs from my French class, and went down and into the farthest away cubicle from the door, sat on the toilet, undid my shoes and took them off. Then I undid my trousers and took them off followed by my boxers.

There was a big mirror on the wall of the main toilet area that I was going to use. I opened the cubicle door and walked over to the mirror so that I could have a look at my genital region and see if there was any swelling or red bits. I couldn't see anything because of my shirt hanging down in front of it so I took off my shirt and sat it next to the sinks so I could get a better look.

I heard a noise from behind me and realised there was someone else in the stall next to where I was - I had forgotten to check when I came in! - so I quickly walked back to the stall wearing nothing but my socks and closed the door and locked it very quietly.

After I sat down on the toilet, the one next to me flushed and, before I knew, it the person in there had gone and I heard the door slamming... was then that I realised they had taken with them all the clothes that I had left on the floor and my shoes! I was left wearing nothing but my socks.

I waited in the cubicle for a few minutes and then decided I would have to go and do something. For some reason the first thing that came into my head was the PE changing rooms because it was possible that there would be some clothes in there for me to use.

I left the cubicle and started to make my way along the hallway to the stairs which lead down to PE, then I remembered my shirt which I had left in the toilets so, before continuing, I went back and got it. At least now I had something to cover my small penis.

I ran across the hall and down the stairs and made it into the PE changing rooms without anyone seeing me. I crept into the boys changing room in the hope that there was a class in so there would be some clothes for me.

There was a class in and I found some trousers and shoes that fit me but no underwear because underwear is not changed for PE but it didn't bother me. Just then, however, the bell rang and all the boys from the PE class walked into the room.

It was a class of older boys than me and they all laughed at my small, unchanged penis and slightly enlarged scrotum & testicles, then they tackled me and took off my socks and shirt and pushed me out into the corridor and locked the door. There were hundreds of people stopping to look at the naked 13yr old boy in the corridor who had now got an erection from all the excitement.

That was one day I will never forget and neither did anyone at that school through all the years I was there. Never again would I harmlesly take off my clothes in the school toilets.
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Great story