Well this is sorta a follow up I suppose or maybe an update informing readers of the original story that as of 8/20/14 some things have changed slightly and I'll be updating or maybe adding to the prior story by this tittle. Patients is appreciated, thank you in advance...
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I am eager to hear.
Please add me. Thanks

Waiting patiently.

Add me

I am sure you got lots of requests for updates! This is my plea for an update, I mean it has almost been a whole month since the original! haha. I can not wait to read more ;)

Very true sorry to disappoint my readers. A short version of my update would be to tell you, that he now is able to relax in a comfy chair an arms length away, but we can see eye to eye. I admire his strong will, so close and still able to be an on looker regardless if I'm alone or joined by a friend/friends. Always a nice beverage and a clean warm towel. I'm open to suggestions to increase his comfort level, I cant be as graphic/descriptive as I would like to be without the E.P. Police serving a warrant. Sorry for the delay kind sir....

Need to write it as a confession, ep police less, censorship. Very arousing update!

So he sits 3 feet away from you while you do your thing and I guess is O.K. as long as he doesn't touch. I know guys who do that and pay for it.