China Hotel Maid

China is easier for getting caught. I now stay in the southwest of China in a small town.
On the first saturday a cleaning girl did surprize me. I was sitting in the recliner when suddenly the door opened without a knock. It is not possible to look into the room directly from the door, she could only see my legs. I expected her to disappear immediately, but no. The door stayed a little open, she stayed in the door and said nothing. After a minute or so, I stood up and walked towards the door (naked ofcoarse). Then she mumbled something like "sorry" and closed the door. Afterwards I checked her view from the door, and via a mirror she was able to see my complete body except face. Amazing!

I specifically asked for a room at the end of the hallway, so no other guest has something to look for here. This was now the advantage for me. The next sunday I went to breakfast and asked the cleaner to clean my room during my absence. She did, and when I got back, I picked up my courage and asked her if I could leave my door open. She misunderstood me (no perfect Chinese yet), but after some discussion at the door she said it was no problem (until now I was already for one week at this hotel, with every night keeping my door open and stay naked in my room. I think the rumour already spread, but obviously not enough yet). She continued, and I undressed in my room. Then another girl walked over the hallway, and noticed me sitting there naked. She giggled a bit, then went on to the first girl, whispering and giggling. Then my "approval"girl went by to look in, and returned after 20 seconds, followed by more giggling. They however also reported to the management, so 2 minutes later I received a call, asking if I felt hot. Next thing was the cleaning staff would make too much noise (and several other non-to-business remarks). When I mentioned I was OK with it, she hung up and I stayed naked for almost the rest of the day with the door open. Herdes of cleaning ladies (and also maintenance guys) came over to have a look at the funny westerner, but no one asked me to close the door because they were offended. Now it's a few days later, still no message I should stop with this.

One guest saw me, but he kept quiet since he went in his room with a hooker the first time he saw me (and she saw me too:-). Since then many more hookers passed by, since they use the personnell elevator which is at my side of the hallway. Life is good here!
weiming weiming
51-55, M
Sep 10, 2012