Pizza Delivery

From time to time I order pizza from a local small time pizza place. they have a younger (Im guessing early 20's) girl that delivers for them. She has delivered to me several times and I have answered the door just wearing boxers before and have gotten some interesting looks. It always makes me think about the stories i have heard about people answering the door nude but I just hadnt gotten the courage to. On this particular evening though I rethought things....   I was getting reay to go out with friends and decided to order pizza instead of take'n time to make something. Called in my order and was told 35-40 minutes. So I decided to shower quick before it arrived. As I was taking my shower I was wondering if she would be delivering and thought about how to be nude for her. AS Im shaving....yes I do shave there... I start getting really excited about her seeing me nude. So I decide to be safe I will answer with just my towel if it is her and try to have it fall off me. So I watched for the car and sure enough it was her little white dodge that pulled up. AS I waited for her to ring the bell I put my towel around me and made sure it wasnt to secure. She rang and I answered the door. She got an interesting look on her face when she saw me in just my towel. I was holding the door open with my right hand and had my money in my left. As she opens her delivery bag she reads off the order and my total the whole time glance'n at me in the towel. She pulls out the pizza box to hand it to me. I put out my left hand with the money and reach for the pizza box with my right hand. To hold the door I stepped out with my right leg. That was all it took for my towel to fall. So there I stood fully naked money in hand and grabbing pizza. I instantly felt myself getting hard and could tell it was growing fast! She said an "oh my" as she took the money and I instantly began apologize'n....cuz it was an "accident" right??? lol. With my towel laying half out the door I turned to set pizza inside the door still apologize'n. She told me not to worry.. "it happens".  i responded "Im sure it doesnt happen every day!" She said "no.but..actually have had people come to door naked before". I was like really??? I kind of slowed down when she said this. She said yes and and told me it can be interesting. Standing in front of her hard as a rock she handed me my change and I responded " I bet it can be"  She said "oh yes but first time I seen someone that excited to see their pizza"  and giggled.  Didnt know what to say so she told me to have a good night and enjoy the pizza.

I get so turned on thinking about the look on her face and seeing me fully nude and hard. Wonder if she would want me to answer door naked next time?????   ..............

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I did the same thing, same girl came always, I asked her if she ever seeen a guy naswer naked, she said no, I asked if it was Ok she said yes. So I wnt in and lost my shorts and came back...she was definitely interested in this. I touched myself asking her if she liked and she said it was "cool"...I came and cleaned it up...gave her a $20 tip !

Once again I'm asking myself if only once a guy in a towel had opened his front door and his towel had stayed on the whole time :D

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