My Mom Is Posing Nude For Artist Friend - Don't Like This, What Do I Do?



I'm 18 years old, and live with my Mom (who's 38 and single). I've been good friends with a guy on my street who's a couple of years older than me. We've always hung out at my house, and he knows Mom well. He's always been interested in art, and wants to be an artist, though his family don't think he'll make ends meet through that. My Mom is also interested in art, and they chat about the subject often.

Since he isn't in art school, and wants practice painting people, he told me he wanted to ask my Mom to pose for him. This was all good, until I later heard from Mom that he wants her to pose nude. She said she'd agreed to do this to help him out. I freaked out, and told her not to, to which she said it was her choice, and we're all adults anyway. I spoke to my friend too, but he said that she was one of the few people who understood his love for art, and that there was nothing beyond her posing for him. He said she had a fine figure, and was worth painting. I asked him if anything was happening between them, and he claimed that even though he thinks she's beautiful, he isn't involved with her, and that he's only friends with her.

She's been posing for him for a few days now, always completely nude - Each session goes on a few hours, during which I'm not home. I hate the fact that my friend sees my Mom naked almost everyday. What's worse is that Mom is planning to hang up one or two of those paintings at home (hopefully just in her room). I'm not sure if anything is happening between them, and I'm not sure what to do about this...should I ask them to stop? Am I being unreasonable - in at least hoping she doesn't hang up the paintings?

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If she feels comfortable with it, then she should go for it. You're never too old to pose nude and if its something she wants to do, then I would support her. I have a female friend who is a retired police officer. She is 50, and blonde and good looking for her age. Not a Playboy body, but decent and she decided that she wanted to do a nude photo shoot. She found a good photographer and had some very sexy photos taken. Her reason was she wanted to do this before she got any older and now she won't get in trouble with the department.

To put it bluntly, it's none of your d--n business. A parent can tell a child what to do and what not to do, but the child can't tell the parent. You can't tell your mother not to pose. She can tell you to get used to it.

It's best to do nude portraits and photos while you're still young and proud of your body. Not that I see anything wrong with older people frollicking around nekkid

How many times are you going to post this story?

To be blunt, this is your problem not hers. I do understand what you are going through, but there is nothing immoral going on here. Children never want to hear that their parents are having sex or going nude. What she is doing is really a beautiful thing. Nude art is a wonderful thing as Nudy said. There is a long and rich history of nude art, tastefully and impressively done. <br />
You should be proud of your mother, not upset with her. Leave her to her pleasures, she has earned that much. What is the real harm? Her nudity or the judgements you have made about it?

I understand that having a buddy see your Mother nude repeatedly seems strange at first, but I really don't think you have anything to worry about. Be proud that someone wants to paint her and that she's willing to do it. I hope one of the paintings gets pride of place in your home.

Good point Indyjoe, Nudity isnt always sexuallity, but the two arnt always exclusive either, something might stem from this, but somthing you may want to ask yourself is, why would your friend and your mom hooking up be so terrible, it sound like you have a strong relationship with both of them, why stand in their way?

Unreasonable? No....overreacting? Just a bit. Simply being nude is not sexual, nor does it lead to or ensure sex taking place. I think your fears are stemming from how you are looking at it...."Nudity=sex", that they are one and the same. The human body is a beautiful thing in all of its many shapes, sizes, and forms. Artists especially know this, so relax. And even IF something is going on (which I seriously doubt)....its the business of your Mom and your friend. You dont have to like it....but you have to accept it as it is. Be supportive of your Mom's decision to pose, it shows she has alot of inner confidence and is happy with who she is. Ask them if you could sit in on a painting session sometime so you can see for yourself that its just art. Perhaps they would be willing to plan for a time when you could be there....just talk to them about it. They probably wait until you arent around, not because they are up to something, but because they know how uncomfortable you are about it.

Calm down. Nothing to be shocked or worried about by the sound of it. Your Ma is 38 with lots of life to live and you should be proud that she's of young spirit and body. I am!