Female Friend Caught Me

I decided to sun bath nude on the lounger by the pool , my wife out for about 2hrs and so i laying there naked eyes closed and enjoying the sun, suddenly i opened my eyes and there was a female friend of my wifes standing there just staring, i put hand over my **** , but she told me to remove my hand as she wanted to see it all, i sad oh sorry, but she just said no it is ok , iand said she didn`t mind , i was getting excited at this stage and my penis started to become erect, she look at it and and said i see you are happy to see me then,
she asked how it felt to get caught naked by her and i said i didn`t care really as i was used to be naked around others at clubs etc,she smiled and started to lift her skirt and slid her pantiues down and asked me if i liked her *****, and then my penis was as hard as a rock, I said i did and it looked great, she leant forward and held my **** in her hand and it twitched, she then said she would like to try it, in her, But i told her my wife may be home soon, and sure enough i heard my wife arrive home , i dressed and her friend went inside the house, She had a funny look on her face, My wife asked what i had been doning and i told her i had sunbathed and that i had heard her friend arrive and dressed before i got caught, and her friend agreed that is what happened , my wife joked about what i would have done  if i had been caught, i smiled and her friend ans said i would not have cared ,we joked around.
and that was it, But found i had been turned on by being caught like this
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3 Responses May 22, 2010

wow -did anything ever happen between the two of you

Dare you make an appointment with her (your wife's friend)? I love your situation!

Sound's like you had a good day. To me the excitement is in the being unprepaired for it and figuring out your next move.