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Shamed In Front Of Girls

well this was when i was 14 i was changing out of my swim trunks at school .when i was grabbed by a few boys .they dragged me out of the locker room and into the girls locker room there they tied my hands above my head to a pipe near the showers .they then ran out i will say 3 minutes later the girls for the next class came in they were 17 year old i believe .well as they came in they saw me and they all started laughing .one girl said "oh look its so small " another said "god my 10 year old brother's is bigger"they laughed again .then another said " it looks like a baby penis ". another girl said "its bald and small" they started taking pics with their phones .the gym teacher ms.eggnotovitch came in and said girls not so loud .then she saw me and laughed she said "victor why are you tied up here " i said i dont know >she said "you dont know why we are all looking at this tiny thing "she was pointing at my penis ,.the girls all laughed again .she untied my hands .i quickly cover my penis with my hands.then one girl said "i got a spare pair of panties you can wear " another girl said ""but if you give him them we wont see his incher ".. the gym teacher she told me to follow her to her we left one girl said come and show us that baby penis anytime and rest of the girls we entered  her office she asked who did this i said i don't know.she said ok .she then said victor you have nothing to be  embarressed about some boys have smaller penises then others. i said nothing just looked at her she said dont worry you dont have to cover it in front of me .i said what .she said as  she walked up to me i seen many naked boys.she then pulled my hand away she backed up and looked at my penis and gave alittle laugh then a smile and said ok it is quite small for a boy you age .she  said then well victor if you dont tell me who tied you up girls may see that little thing again. i said i didnt know she said ok and walked me to the boys locker room i put clothes on .well 2 weeks later i got tied up in the hall way i told on principle who did it that time.i also wanted to tell what the gym teacher did but i didnt i dont know if she like to see young boys naked or something but its not like she hurt me or anything
victor16 victor16 16-17 10 Responses May 27, 2010

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lucky guy I WOULD HAVE LOVED EVERY MINUTE 9OF THAT-but then my **** is not that small

will you write to me?

why cant i see your profile? :S

lucky devil

i hope so

i feel sorry for you mate. you poor thing. i know what you've been through. i went through similar because my penis was small.<br />
i'm sure it will grow. you're just a late developer.

yeah i dont mind looking younger then i am but,when you look like a little boy down below it does bring problems.i understand im only16.i realize i might grow still ,but i might not grow too

i feel you, my face and body look older but down low i def look like a little boy, it sucks.

no im still the same.i know people want to stay looking young as the age but i dont wanna look like a 11 or 12 yr old boy forever

thats crazy! is it still small or did you grow into it?