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Caught Naked By A Door To Door Sales Lady

We I live now there are very few if any door to door sales people that come around.  This day I happen to have my front door open and windows open airing out the house.  My front door has one of those screen doors.  I look straight into the kitchen.

I happen to be at the stove cleaning it and being naked as I am always at home.  When I heard  this voice say "excuse me" "hello" at the front door.  As I turned to look I could see this lady standing there just smiling.  I walked over to the door and she said that she was selling this cleaning product and it would work really easy for all types of cleaning and could she come in and show me.  I said sure, as she walked in she mention " you really have a nice package" as she looking at my **** growing hard.  I told her thank you.

She came into the kitchen and was showing me how this stuff clean the cabinets really well.  The then turn to the other part of the kitchen where the sink is and she stopped and said oh wow you have your own massage table and what is that on it.  She was looking at the new saws-all with the ***** attachment on it.  I told her it was a ******* machine.  She ask if she could look at it.  I plug it and showed her how it works and has variable speeds.

All of a sudden she drops her shorts and ask if I would show her as it was really cool.  She then jump up on the massage table and I lubed the ***** up, inserted it into her clean shaven ***** and turn it on.  She got **** my this for 40 minutes and must of cummed 10 times.  As I stopped she reached down to my throbbing dripping super hard erection and moved me closer to her and jacked me off all over her face.

She then got up was really weak in the legs and now have a swallon ***** lips from the ******* machine., wash off her face and said thank you that she has to go now as they will be coming around to pick her up fromt the street.  She left her cleaning bottle and gave me a kiss on the cheek, thanked me and out the door.

Boy would I love to be a fly on the walls we she got picked up.  This girl was weak and legs where shaking.  LOL  Now that is how to handle door to door sales people.

sunman50 sunman50 51-55, M 3 Responses May 29, 2010

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wow what a lovely experience you had


well you gave her something to talk about on lunch break with her friends