Caught Naked In The School Camp Showers.

So here goes. The most embarrassing moment of my life so far.

During 7th grade my year went on a camp to a place called Myuna Bay (I live in Sydney, Australia) which was rather rural and 'out of town'. The facilities were extremely basic, consisting really of just bunks, a dinner hall, an office, boys and girls toilets, and (this is the important part) communal showers. In order to counter the obvious problem of girls showering naked with boys the showers were on a strict boys/girls roster. From 6-7am and 9-10pm the showers were open for the boys. From 7-8am and 8-9pm the showers were for the girls. There were no teachers supervising this roster system, so I take it they figured that at our age (around 11-12) the girls and boys were so terrified of each other that they would automatically adhere to these rules anyway. After a few days nothing untoward had happened as most of the boys/girls had finished showering long before the time for them to leave was up. In fact most of the boys I was with were surprisingly conservative in terms of quickly showering (while remaining in their swimmers) and then leaving. I showered naked, of course, as I wasn't particularly embarrassed of my body or the fact that there were other naked boys around me. Anyway, having enlightened you as to the logistics of communal school showering (as enthralling as this is), let's move onto the main story.

At around 9.45pm, during "free time", I decided to take a long shower, as I slept in this day and missed the morning session. So, off I went with my towel, clothes, soap, shampoo and thongs (thongs as in flip-flops, or sandals, NOT g-strings!), entered the shower block, plonked them all down on the wooden bench opposite the showers and entered my lovely, hot, watery heaven. It was extremely relaxing for two reasons: first, it was cold outside and the hot water felt awesome, plus the fact that I was completely alone allowed me to take my time and two, as I was alone I could indulge in a "private activity". So it got to 10.00pm, and figuring that everyone else was either asleep or in their bunks I turned off the shower, stepped out, and lay down on my towel on the long wooden bench, where I proceeded to continue my "activity" with my eyes firmly shut, my body relaxed, and my hand moving like a paint shaker.

Now for the second important bit. Having missed the morning shower session I also missed out on the announcement that the girls shower time had been expanded from not only 8-9pm, but 10-11pm. This was because a small group of girls (around 10) had elected to go on a long day hike from which they would be arriving back at the camp at around 9.45pm. Looking back in hindsight it was fairly obvious that something was out of the ordinary, given that the showers were completely free of boys (who usually loved free time in the shower to chill out), however being 12 and naive I didn't rationalise this glaring fact. Unbeknown to me, the 10 or so girls had arrived back at 9.30pm and were patiently sat in their bunks waiting to stampede towards the showers to wash the hideous gunk off themselves which had accumulated during their 4 hour long hike. So, back to the story.

There I lay on the bench, exposed, totally naked, lost in a world of pre-pubescent fantasy concerning female wrestlers and stolen Playboy centrefolds, approaching climax furiously. In fact, I was so lost in my fantasy world that I never heard the pitter-patter of bare feet approaching on the outside cement. The first thing I heard was the unmistakable slap of those feet on the smooth tiles of the shower-room floor. And mere milli-seconds after the initial interruption came the three words I'll never forget: "OH. MY. GOD."

Instinctively I jumped to my feet, whether this was the result of utter shock combined with the inbuilt trigger to stand up when spoken to (it was school, after all), or the desire to flee from danger I'll never know. All I know is that by standing up I was offering the girls a clear view of my entire body, not to mention my fully erect, throbbing and dangerously-close-to-climax boyhood. 

I froze. In front of me stood 3 of my classmates (who will be named Skye, Leigh and Heidi). For what seemed like hours I stood, unable to rationalise what was happening, frozen on the spot like a deer caught in the headlights of an approaching Mack truck. It was, of course, only seconds. Skye, the initial intruder, and owner of the voice that arose me from my near trance-like state, stared back with wide-eyed shock, piercing through me with a gaze telling of a sight unseen before. Leigh and Heidi bore the same expression. Then, in what seemed like tandem, the gazes of the 3 girls lowered to the area which first elicited Skye's surprised response. First, the girls stared, their mouths open in disbelief at this naked classmate with a huge erection. Their eyes were firmly fixed downwards, their eyebrows fully raised and their mouths agape. Then, it happened.

The grins broke out and the giggling started.

I can remember clearly the faces of the girls. This is not meant to sound egoistic or narcissistic (as I'm anonymous on here anyway), but I was rather well developed for that age, and my erection was well above the average length. Skye and Leigh instinctively turned to each other, grinning from ear to ear before laughing, cupping their hands to their mouths and quipping "look how stiff it is!" But Heidi just stared. No grin, no laugh, just a silent, unbroken, unblinking gaze downwards at the stiff member before her. Her gaze then returned upwards, and looking me in the eyes with the same unbelievable expression she stammered: "O..oh my God. What were you doing?!" This, coupled with Skye and Leigh's giggling broke me out of my shock, and I frantically covered myself (as best I could) before grabbing my towel and clothes and running out of those showers never to return. Literally. I didn't shower for the following 2 days of camp.

Of course, everyone found out. For weeks afterwards I acquired a new nickname; "Stiffy". Skye, Leigh and Heidi never looked at me the same again, and Heidi always seemed super shy around me. Eventually the gossip died down, and the girls returned to normal. Except for Heidi, who always glanced downwards below my belt whenever we saw each other.

So concludes the most embarrassing experience of my life (so far!). 
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I whould hav just stould there and asked 4 help from them

great story, did this experience start anything within u to hope for another encounter like that?

Very embarrassing, lucky you are an aussie. When I lived over there I realised people didn't keep going on and on about something like this experience. Where I now live in NZ you would never for the rest of your life hear the end of it.

Great story. Would love that to have happened to me. Sounds like you need to work on slowly befriending these yound ladies, but especially Heidi. Skye and Leigh seemed to get over it or at least used to it, while heidi it seems is still remembering. Both sexes, at that age, when something shocking happens, have a chance to get held up or fixate on the memory to the point where it could impede progress. So just work with them very gradually. Eventually you'll all be cool with it.