Showed All To Get Towel Back, But Only Got Laughed At

well i was 15 i just took a shower and saw no one was home so i walked down stairs naked put my towel on the living room lazy boy then went to the kitchen as i made a sandwich my lil sis melissa and her 2 friends they were all 11 and 12 then well they came in .i quickly covered up. they had my towel my sis said if you didnt want to be seen you should have clothes on.i said give me the towel.they said "if to uncover you can get the towel back i saw i had no choice so i moved my hands.they all looked at my naked body they started laughing my sister said wow thats small .her one friend said yeah it is my little brothers is bigger and hes 10.i shrank more from being embarressed .i was like a inch long now they laughed and made comments about my smallness when my mom came in she saw me and laughed she told my sister to give me the towel.she did then my mom said we all had a good laugh.well later that day as i laid on my bed in boxers my lil sister with her 2 friends walked in my room i said what .my sister said gina like you i said yeah gina said yeah i do .then as gina was talking to me my sister pulled my underwear down they then tied my hands to the bed and they then took pictures and luaghed about how small i was my mom actually came in she saw me and started laughing she said girls stop it and as she untied me gina dissappeared and she took the pics too.but my moms friend was outside the door too she saw me and laughed  she said wow h gonna have problems with a small one like that
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im learning to accept it

it is what you have so accept it and some one will want you,

yeah i know it really sucked

yeah it was a rough time .

well i know not to believe them when they make a deal with me thats for sure i felt embareessed get a little chubby in front of my mom too she saw me naked before but getting a woody in front of your mom is still awkard