Hotel Maid

While traveling for work I stayed in a hotel and checked in late afternoon. I went to the room and was changing into my swimsuit. There was a knock on the door but I didn't hear anyone say maid or housekeeping so I just assumed they had the wrong room and ignored the knock. As I was standing there naked a maid opened the door. She was about my age and we looked at each other. She said sorry and shut the door.

A few minutes passed and there was another knock. This time it was a different maid. She said she had towels for my room and the other maid was too embarrassed to bring them. I thanked her and she smiled like she missed the show her co-worker got to see.
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2 Responses Jun 12, 2010

They say the housekeeping chicks in the hotels walk into heaps of funny situations by accident.

well i guess the maid must have told her what she saw and she was hoping to get to see too