Caught Naked In Backseat Of My Boyfriend's Car

--- By Becky Romero ---

Although I've been caught in various stages of undress to my chagrin and embarrassment more than once, I was caught once not only naked but having sex.

This happened back in my sophomore year in high school. My then-boyfriend had driven me to watch a basketball game at his cousin's high school. We got there late and he decided to park in a secluded part of the parking lot; no other cars were near us. We were soon in the backseat of the car doing it. Of course as we started making out, we began to lose clothes which were soon scattered all over the car. When my panties were eventually found by my boyfriend's dad (more about that later) they were tangled up and hanging on the rear view mirror.

We're both naked, me on top of him with him inside me and then we hear this loud tapping of a flashlight on the back window and almost at the same time, the click of the back door as it is swung wide open, the overhead light turning on automatically. Standing there starring right at me is that high school's security guard, a middle-age guy with a moustache and a beer belly. He bellows out, ''just what the f--- do you two think you are doing?" and then he orders us to exit the car immediately, putting out his hand towards mine.

As my boyfriend and I unhook, the guard takes my hand as I stumble across my boyfriend and out of the car. Although the parking lot wasn't well lit, the guard had driven over to us in one of the golf-cart sized thingies and my eyes hadn't adjusted to the bright light. So I'm standing there trying to both shield MY eyes from the lights and HIS eyes from my naked body - ultimately doing neither very effectively. When my boyfriend exits the car from the other side and walks around to where the guard and I am standing, I see that he had put his boxers on, which ticked me off since I was still naked. It's also in the low 40s so I'm shivering and my nipples are as hard as could be.

The guard closed the car door and starts into a several minute lecture about morals and public indecency and how he is going to call our parents and maybe the police and starts asking us for our names, etc. Then he wants to see our school IDs. When I told him we go to a different high school, he responds by saying that he wants our IDs then and he'll turn them in to our own principal. I protest, knowing the embarrassment that will cause but he insists, so I open the car door to grab my purse. It's on the floor besides the front passenger seat so I bend and reach over to get it then hear the security guard snickering from behind me. He then asks me to grab my boyfriend's wallet, which I pulled out of his pants pocket. As I hurried grabbed my purse and tried to back out of the car again, my purse straps got tangled on the door lock. I pulled out my ID from my purse and then tossed it onto the car seat. I wanted to grab my skirt or top, but couldn't immediately see them (they were both on the floor in the back seat).

As I hand the guard my ID and my boyfriend's wallet, he motioned me to stand by the back of the car with my boyfriend and he slammed the front door shut again. He's looking over our IDs, making us confirm our names, our ages, where we live and go to school and how he will have our ID's sent to our high school and that our parents will have to be called. I then started to cry and basically began begging him to just let us go, that we promise not to be caught again, etc. My boyfriend pathetically tries to take all the blame saying it was all his fault, to which the guard replied, "Well, she seemed to be enjoying it pretty good," which just made me blush all the more.

Then he starts saying, "Well, I don't know..." and that he really needs to follow procedure and such and such. Then we realize the basketball game is now over and people are starting to exit the building. Not only that, but the parking lot around my boyfriend's car isn't so empty anymore either, as a few other cars are parked nearby that weren't there when we got there. Meanwhile, I'm pleading, saying that people are walking towards us and I want to get dressed. I turned around to open the car door to grab my clothes, when the guard offers a compromise. He won't inform our high school or our parents if we agree that after we get dressed, we'll help clean up the gymnasium of any trash. I was almost like, are you kidding; I'll clean it up for a week.

I then go to open the car door to quickly get dressed - but it's locked. My heart began pounding as I raced around the car trying the other doors, but - horrors - they were all locked. I was panicking and several students were now close enough to see us. One girl grinned, muttering 's--t', as she and her boyfriend starred as us as I cringed and tried to cover myself with my arms and hands. Then several more students walked by, two guys and their girlfriends stopping for a more prolonged viewing.

On the verge of hysteria, I started to scream to the guard and then quickly grabbed his flashlight to try to break the car windows and open the door, which got my boyfriend upset. As my boyfriend is standing in front of me trying to stop me from smashing the car windows, we're struggling and the guard, trying to pull me away afraid that I'll hit my boyfriend with the flashlight, reaches around me with his hands over my boobs and pulls me backwards and away from my boyfriend as a few more people walked by, gawking. The guard then yells at me to calm down, that he just thought of something and finally releases me. He then opens up a compartment in the back of the golf cart and pulls out two rain slickers. These aren't the long ones, in fact only go to the waist. But at least it was something and I quickly put on one, as well as my boyfriend. By this time we are too mad to even look at each other.

But given the twist of circumstances, the guard now insists that we be taken to the school office, since we'll now need to call a locksmith to get the car open. There's barely enough room for me to sit down on the seat next to the guard, my hands covering my exposed p---y. My boyfriend sat on the back behind the seat, holding on.

As the guard drove us to the high school office, we continue to get some stares from people leaving the gym, but not too many since he drives off mostly in a different direction than the crowd. He radioed to the assistant principal who was there for the game and she meets us at the office. Of course, once we got there and I have to stand up and get off the cart, I can only cover myself down below so much, electing to cover my pubes with my hands and basically leaving the lower part of my buttocks fully exposed to anyone behind me. And there were people behind me, various students and teachers, as we walk into the main building and to the assistant principal's office.

Of course, now SHE is told of what we were doing and how several students arrived late at the game in the car, parked near us and saw us naked and having sex through my boyfriend's car window and then informed the guard who then confronted us. The woman is aghast and not at all sympathetic to our latest predicament (that being our clothes locked in the car). The security guard then left and we got another lecture from the assistant principal - focused mostly at me - on the dangers of unsafe sex and promiscuity. She calls me a few derogatory names because of my actions and begins threatening to call the police. I'm begging her not to, etc. Finally, she insists on calling each of our parents since we're underage and calls a female student walking by in the hall to come into the office. The girl is standing there as the woman goes over our names, addresses and school and then picks up the phone and then relates to my boyfriend's parents and then in to my mom in a separate call about what we were caught doing, etc. The woman then tells the girl to see if she can find me a towel or some old gym clothes.

My boyfriend's parents arrived quickly, causing me more embarrassment, since I'm standing through all this and don't see them walk into the office behind me with the lower portion of my butt completely exposed. They ended up leaving with my boyfriend (and his car, having brought an extra set of keys) before my mom arrived to get me. The female student returned with a towel and the assistant principal told me to take the rain slicker off and wrap myself in the towel, which I did while she's telling me that it's a good thing for me that paddling is outlawed in public high schools in our state or she'd paddle me right then and now on my bare butt. The girl then left, grinning at me, as I began to get another lecture just as my mom arrived.

My mom was quite angry at me, but tried to contain it. But given that I'm only in a towel, I'm grateful she didn't come with my stepdad or my two brothers. Of course, I got a stern lecture from her on the way home. Since my mom knew how furious my stepdad would be if he found out what had happened and I would have otherwise been walking into the house wearing just a towel, on the way home she stopped at a Walmart and ran inside to buy a pair shoes, shorts and a sweater for me.

Although I was also grateful that assistant principal didn't report my boyfriend or I to our high school, news spread to our high school nonetheless, either from someone who had recognized us or perhaps from the girl who the assistant principal sent to find the towel and who overheard everything, including my full name and school.
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That must have been really awful at the time

wow shocking kids having sex no way! I don't believe it. You mean kids want to enjoy their bodies and show their love of one another by having sex! What is happening to people?

I hope you know I'm not serious. LOL...

Your security guard is a fat fart who couldn't resist the opportunity.... and who can blame him? You must have looked gorgeous... Damn my hard-on!

Nope. Can't see why you might have gotten spanked for misbehaving

Poor thing, the pervert of a guard had no right to humiliate you that way.

I got caught twice having sex with my girlfriend, once by my parents and once by hers. Not a huge issue was made of it, We both got the protection speech from all parents more than once.<br />
<br />
Never got caught in the car, and were only minutes form getting caught having sex on the wing of my dads airplane.

wow, talk about embarrassing. I've caught many people having sex in cars but i'd rather just watch them and enjoy the show than turn them in, but then again, i am a voyeur!

A truly remarkable story, and you're very philosophical about it. You sound quite mature for an impulsive wperson, but hormones and youth can be that way.<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing the story.

Hi, NudyDude,<br />
<br />
Oh, it could have been worse. At least I waited by the office and I didn't walk back with my mom to her car. Otherwise I might have ended up caught in front of the visiting school's boys basketball team, which by then had taken their showers and were getting on their school bus.

Hi, bit123,<br />
<br />
Yes, I was quite embarrassed once I realized my boyfriend's parents were standing behind me. They didn't so much as address me as they did their son, mostly the mother doing the talking admonishing him. His dad had a grin on his face though the only time I looked up and glanced back. By that time, I was too ashamed to look them in the face and preferred to face the vice principal, with my hands down front covering my exposed *****. I broke up with my boyfriend not long after that after he bragged about 'scoring' on me so I never saw his parents again.<br />
<br />
I always wondered if the female student the v.p. had sent to look for some gym clothes for me purposely didn't find any and returned only with the towel, which didn't cover everything either.<br />
<br />
Of course, I also had to take off the rain slicker and wrap myself in the towel as best I could, so I was briefly nude in front of both of them too. Then my mom arrived. She didn't know about my clothes being locked in the car and my boyfriend had left with them still in his car. She had parked near the gym, not the school offices, not knowing where to park anyway. So when we were ready to leave, I would have had to walk back to her car with only a towel on that didn't fully cover me. So instead, she said she'd get the car and drive over near the office.<br />
<br />
Naturally, while I stood there waiting several minutes, the girl had returned with three friends to gawk, one of whom said, 'Hey, you can't leave with that. That's our school property,' as she yanked the towel loose and down to the ground. Another one grabbed and squeezed my butt when I bent down to pick up the towel and the third pulled it away from my boobs when I wrapped it around myself again. Fortunately, the v.p. walked out of her office to leave just at that time and told them to leave me alone. Then I saw my mom's car pull around the corner of the building and I ran over to it and got in.

WOW! Thats one heck of an embarrassing story!! One part that I think I would have found extra embarrassing, that other people haven't mentioned yet, is the part when you were standing in the office.<br />
<br />
I would have hated to have my boyfriend's parents come in and see my bare butt. My ex boyfriend's dad was kinda creepy and once I was wearing a really skimpy bikini around his backyard pool. A girlfriend of mine gave me a wedgie just as my boyfriend's dad came outside to start the grill. He got an eyefull of my bare butt cheeks and I was extreamely embarrassed!<br />
<br />
Did your boyfriend's parents say anything to you? Did you ever have to face them...*cringe* that would be embarrassing! Did your boyfriend's dad see you naked on any other occasions?

Hi, Mugface,<br />
<br />
It just all happened so fast. Getting caught naked was the farthest thing from my mind when my boyfriend and I started making love. That part of the parking was deserted and no one was around, or so we thought. Bravery had nothing to do with it.<br />
<br />
Though I was totally ashamed of myself, I was thankful the guard was intending to let us go before anyone else saw us. He saw how embarrassed we were and probably figured the embarrassment was a good lesson in itself. But then once we he saw the car door was accidentally locked (with all my clothes inside) and people started come out of the gym and I tried to break the car window in desperation, quickly taking us to the principal's office was obvious the appropriate thing to do.

I've been caught before but wow! Can't say I ever suffered through the embarrassment and humiliation that you went through. The things we do for love in high-school. So funny.<br />
Personally I think the security guard was a bit out of line. Seeing how you weren't in any danger he should have let you get dressed. I have to admit even though I'm okay being naked in front of some people I doubt that I'm brave enough to try it in a high-school parking lot full of other people. You would get a nudist medal of honor for this one for sure.

Hi, dragonofjapan,<br />
<br />
I really don't think the guard violated my civil rights. I had no right to be totally naked in a parked car in a public place having sex. Plus, it was embarrassing enough dealing with just the rumors eventually spreading to my high school, let alone me trying to put the blame for the cause of my shame onto others.<br />
<br />
And I sure as hell didn't want my stepdad to find out about it. My mom kept it a secret from him. Given how he had humiliated me in front of my brothers four years earlier when I was caught by a teacher at school flashing my panties, I have no doubt I would have gotten a beating had he come to that school to pick me up instead of my mom.

I think the only one wrong here is your boyfriend for not caring about you being naked infront of firstly the guard and secondly the students, if i had this experience happen to me i would have let my girlfriend break my car's window to get her clothes, or even let here get dressed before getting out of the car to the guard instead of leaving her totally exposed and humiliated, after all she is MY girlfriend!

Wow, I can"t imagine the horor. But I wish I had been the security gaurd. Although I would have not let it get that far out of hand.

How did you get the sexual harassment treatment in high school?<br />
<br />
Your story-telling style is great. Can you add more experiences from your colorful life?

Hi, NudyDude. Sorry, that was my fault for not understanding your question. I get it now.<br />
<br />
I had been embarrassed and exposed before (though not caught while having intercourse!), so I don't think that incident when I was 16 effected me in the way you asked about. I was embarrassed and certainly felt a sense of shame standing there party exposed while being berated by that assistant principal.<br />
<br />
I think what happened at my high school my senior year was a little different though since the humiliation was far worse. I wouldn't say it caused me to be an exhibitionist but perhaps made be feel less shameful when caught in embarrassing situations. Also caused me to do a few stupid things to, like letting a couple strangers see me naked - my way I guess of saying to the jerks who humiliated me that it's MY decision if and when I want to be seen naked, and not the jerks' deciding.<br />
<br />
After that, I guess you could say I got over most embarrassing situations much easier and without anger, even in situation when pranked or by accident. For example, in my early teens I would have been mortified had my girlfriends set me up for a birthday spanking in the nude by a male classmate. When they did it when I was 20, I was embarrassed to be sure when dragged me over the lap of a friend and former high school classmate while his twin brother stood by laughing too, but I tried to be a good sport about it.<br />
<br />
Same with going to a nude beach on vacation with my three girlfriends/roommates a few years ago. The first day or two, I wore a c-string, then even let that go. Not that I was flaunting it in any sort of way. We found a secluded spot to sunbathe. And while I had my blushing moments about it, I didn't feel ashamed about it, except when some jerk tried to take pics of us.

Becky, when someone calls a girl a s--t . A girl who's having unprotected sex with multiple guys is usually what he or she means, not a girl who's literally charging money. Sounds like this description fits you pretty well (or at least used to).<br />
<br />
So no guys issues for you, right ? May I ask if "wearing your short skirts, tight jeans, low cut tops" and "sure, once in a great while going commando under a skirt" had anything to do with having your "nude pics passed around your high school in your senior year when you were 18" ?

Hi, NuUne. That had to have been embarrassing for your girlfriend!<br />
<br />
I'm sure I'd have gotten in a lot more trouble at school and at home had the assistant principal called the police. I didn't go to her school, nor did my boyfriend, so she sure didn't owe me any special consideration.<br />
<br />
My mom was much more angry at me for having unprotected sex than getting caught naked.

Hi Becky...this sounds like something that happened to me and my girlfriend at the time. Except it wasn't a security guard - it was an actual police officer!<br />
<br />
Her dad was head of security for the local Federal building and the cop knew my girlfriend. He just gave us a friendly warning and told me to take my girl straight home.<br />
<br />
The cop never said anything to her dad, as far as I know. Her dad never said anything to me!

Hi, Hammerhead. I have to say I was lucky. It could have been far more embarrassing. I was totally reckless; I had broken up with a previous boyfriend about two months earlier and wanted this guy so bad and of course he was anxious to have me too. Worrying about getting caught wasn't even on our minds cuz we started going at it so fast and didn't think anyone would see us given where he had parked.<br />
<br />
But after wards, once the rumors started around our own high school that we had been caught naked while having sex, he acted like a total jerk even telling his friends how he was coming in me when the security guard opened the car door. So basically I was known as a s--t for the rest of my time in high school. Of course I dumped him soon after that.<br />
<br />
But I don't blame him for us being caught. I accept responsibility for that. It was as much my fault as his and I was stripping off my clothes just as fast as he was. I was just so ticked at my previous ex that I was anxious to hook up with another guy to make me forget about the last one. I suppose I learned the wrong lessons from that incident, being more cautious about WHERE I'd have sex with guys as opposed to being more cautious about having sex with them, PERIOD. Maybe that was because we'd escaped what could have been a far more embarrassing evening. The security guard could have been a real jerk, more people might have seen us standing there and that school's assistant principal could have called the police.

Hi, NudyDude. No, the incident didn't make me dress more conservatively. But that's not to say I ever dressed 'trashy.' I continued wearing my short skirts, tight jeans, low cut tops, depending on the weather. But these were nice clothes, if you know what I mean. I wasn't dressing like a hooker, although I'm sure some guys think anything that shows any cleavage at all or part of a thigh is such.<br />
<br />
Besides, it wasn't what I was wearing when we got caught that was the problem, but that I wasn't wearing anything! OK, sure, once in a great while I'd go commando under a skirt and I've skinny-dipped with my girlfriends. I also got the sexual harassment treatment in high school and wound up being totally humiliated in my senior year. There were some family issues going on as well, with my mom divorcing my stepdad.<br />
<br />
But that's all in the past now. But what I do really regret from those high school days is how reckless I was with guys - even after that incident (though I was much more careful when making out with a guy so as not to get caught like that ever again). I could have gotten pregnant, got a disease, etc. Fortunately, I was lucky and had some great friends that stood by me during some trying times. My best friend tried to warn me but I was too infatuated with those various guys at the time to see it. And because I allowed myself to be used by those jerks, I paid for it with the embarrassment and humiliation at school.

Hi, IndyJoe. 'Violated' seems like such a harsh word. Clearly, in my mind, I thought I was expected to immediately exit the car, and he wasn't so much pulling me as helping me maintain my balance getting out while crawling across the back seat over top of my boyfriend. Thinking back, I guess I could have insisted on reaching back in for my clothes and I don't think he would have stopped me. I guess I was just too shocked, embarrassed and scared to do anything else. Then, locking the car door, whether it was like that or me accidentally hitting the lock button with my purse, I don't know. but it happened. Otherwise, he was basically letting us off in exchange for promising to help to clean up the gym later (which we never ended up doing because of the locked-car situation and our state of undress).<br />
<br />
I like to think that perhaps it was his intention all along to just teach us a lesson by making us feel embarrassed for a few minutes and then letting us go. Clearly, if given the choice, I'd have rather stood there naked and listened to a brief lecture than him calling the police, school officials or our parents. Thank goodness he remembered he had those rain slickers otherwise the evening would have wound up far more humiliating.<br />
<br />
Though what did happen was embarrassing, I don't blame the security guard. I blame myself. What my boyfriend and I did was impulsive but quite reckless. We could have gotten in a lot more trouble than we did.

It is funny but on the rare occassion I have caught a women out naked they always cover their pubes leaving their breasts exposed. Yet all you can see down below in most cases is a bit of hair. More to see upstairs yet they leave the viewing pleasure exposed.

I think there was alot of wrong doing on the part of the security guard....from your story it seems he violated you by pulling you out of the car naked and forcing you to remain that way. The FIRST thing he should have done was had you both get dressed, and then have you get out of the car.